Davido’s Girlfriend Chioma Denies Pregnancy Rumor

23 year old chef and girlfriend to Davido, Chioma Rowland has debunked the exaggerated claims of her pregnancy which has become trending on the internet. She claimed that the picture released when the rumour of her pregnancy went viral was a photoshop pregnancy picture of her close friend. Chioma who graced her friend’s baby shower party in May 2019 and joined them during photo shoots, claimed that one of the pictures was photoshop.

She said that her face was removed and shopped in the body of her friend. She said people are saying she is pregnant and expecting a baby because of this Photoshop picture. According to her, people photo shopped her face into her friend’s body and used it to claim that she is pregnant.

When the picture broke the internet, a lot of people believed that she could truly be pregnant, because she hasn’t been fully active on social media, and also for the fact that she is hardly seen at event with Davido in recent times. But she has come out to debunk the rumor and shut down the pregnancy speculations with proof that she isn’t pregnant.

Unfortunately, some people still think that she is pregnant, because she didn’t reveal her stomach in her recent picture and she has also not allowed her boyfriend Davido to capture her entire body during his Instagram live post.

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