Days After Ahmed Gulak Was Killed Fulani Herdsmen Attacked And Killed 30 Igbo Indigenes In Benue

On Sunday suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked and killed more than 30 Igbo speaking indigenous people living in the Ado local government area in Benue state. Chairman of the Local Government Area James Oche confirmed this in a Facebook post on Monday and shared videos and photos of the incident. He urged the people of the area to defend themselves, adding that the era of the locked arms was over.

The Chairman of the Local Government Area wrote; “Yesterday no less than 30 Igbo- speaking indigenous people from the Ado Local Government Area of Benue State were killed in attacks by Fulani herdsmen and their mercenaries in Ndigwe, Ataloga, Odokem, Ekile, Nduobasi, Ekpufu, Dakota and other nearby Villages.

We have a situation of nearly 5,000 internally displaced people on top of the destruction caused by the attackers. It took the concerted effort of Operation Whirl stroke after we informed them to repel the attacks. No more word of mouth and crossed arms. The people of Ado have to face the occasion for self-defense. In any case, our people must be empowered to defend themselves. We have been killed enough, we are not cowards.

What is happening in Nigeria? Blood, blood, blood every day. Why? It is a lesson to all African leaders. African leaders must focus on building their nations and providing jobs for the youth.

In Nigeria, unlike other African countries, politicians and the wealthy are surrounded by police guards everywhere as a result of insecurity arising from kidnapping, armed robbery, bandits and Boko Haram insurgents. Our leaders must change so that Africa does not deteriorate into a failed continent.

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