Department Of Petroleum Resources Shut Down 5 Filling Stations In Ilorin For Overpricing

Five filling stations in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state were on Tuesday 16th March 2021, shut down and sealed by the Department of Petroleum Resources for various offences including over-pricing and under-dispensing. Controller of Ilorin field office of the Department of Petroleum Resources, Engineer Sule Yusuf said the affected filling stations were part of 35 filling stations monitored by officials of the agency across the metropolis.

According to Engineer Sule Yusuf statement;

“We observed that operators seem to be taking laws into their hands by selling over what government has allowed them to sell, especially, for Petrol. We have been going out to monitor before, and we will continue to do that.

“Today is just special because we are out to monitor price, quality, quantity and pump efficiency. Two teams of the Department of Petroleum Resources officials went out this morning in different directions. We visited about 35 filling stations out of which two absconded and sealed. They know the consequences.”

The Department of Petroleum Resources Controller also stated that the affected stations will ‘only be reopened when they show remorse, pay sanction fees and comply with regulations.”

 Engineer Sule Yusuf added;

“About three stations were caught over-pricing. We have forced them to bring the price down to the allowable range and they have complied, so that they don’t continue cheating the public.

”For now, there is no increase in pump price, so they have to comply. If any station is selling above window range of N162 and N165 per litre, people should inform the authority. We will visit those stations and force them to comply in addition to sanction.

“Operators are advised to play the game according to rules to avoid being sanctioned. Yes, they are out to make profits but not at the detriment of majority of the public,” Controller of Ilorin field office of the Department of Petroleum Resources, Engineer Sule Yusuf stated.


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