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Destiny Ezeyim popularly known as Brainiac the Radiogad is one of the most popular radio personalities in Nigeria. He is an extremely talented and interesting gentleman who has been in the ‘mediasphere’ for about 15 years. He has proven to be a vivacious Radio and Television Presenter, Video Jockey, Actor, Rapper, Hypeman, MC, Brand Influencer and Music Promoter who loves to switch things up and is as spontaneous as the word spontaneity itself.

The graduate of Political Science from Tansian University in Anambra State was born on the 14th of April 1991 in Enugu State into a family of 3 boys and a girl. He completed both his primary and secondary school education in Enugu, obtaining both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Secondary School Certificate after which he started his foray into radio at the tender age of 16 in 2007.

His long list of exes in the mediasphere include Coal City 92.8fm Enugu, Tansian 107.1fm Anambra, Radio Benue 92.8fm, Solid 100.9fm Enugu, Wave 91.7fm Port-Harcourt, Metro 97.7fm Lagos. He is currently hitched to Family Love 99.9FM Enugu who he joined in 2017.

He hosts THE AFTERRNOON SHOW on Family Love 99.9fm every day of the week from 2pm to 6pm and holds the positions of Head On-Air Personality as well as Events Manager. The multiple award winner has worked as publicist for Guinness Stout, Hero Larger Beer, Dino Min, Maggi Seasoning Cubes, Milo, Bebem Baby Diapers, Bullet Energy Drink amongst other prestigious brands and is regarded as one of the richest and most influential On-Air Personalities in Nigeria with a net worth of $200,000.

Whenever he catches a break, if he is not out at an event, you find him in front of the tv screen watching some sports show or a movie, reading a book or hanging out with equally bubbly people. The dude loves to live life to the fullest.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Nigerian On-Air Personality/Actor, Destiny Ezeyim also known as Brainiac The Radiogad;

  1. Brainiac The Radiogad was born as Destiny Ezeyim on 14th April 1991 in Enugu, Nigeria.

  2. His mother is a business woman and his father is a retired civil servant and currently a business man with 4 siblings, he is the first born child.

  3. He  holds a degree in Political Science from Tansian University in Anambra State.

  4. He completed his secondary education at Kings College, Enugu.

  5. He is father to a son named Jackson.

  6. He mentioned in an interview that his radio personality inspirations include the likes of Tim Westwood, Funk Flex, JAJ the Meccadon and Dan Foster.

  7. He occasionally serves as hypeman in concerts and clubs.

  8. He commenced radio work in 2007 and currently anchors the ‘Afternoon Show’ on Family Love 97.7fm, Enugu.

  9. He mentioned in an interview that one of the many challenges he faced as a radio personality is the pronunciation and not being able to say exactly what you want to say.

  10. He has won numerous awards inclusive of – On-Air Personality of the Year 2014 at the Nigerian Humanitarians and Achievers Awards; On-Air Personality of the Year 2015 at the African Industry Awards; On-Air Personality of the Year 2016 at the ISIG Nigerian Icons Awards; Comedy Act of the Year 2017 at the Enugu Icons Awards; Comedy Act of the Year 2018 at the Icon Achievers Awards; On-Air Personality of the Year 2019 at the Nigerian Iconic Achievers Awards; On-Air Personality of the Year 2020 at the Legacy Fame Awards, Comedy Act of the Year 2020 at the Nigerian Elegant Awards; Best On-Air Personality and Actor 2020 at the Face of Commercial and Achievers Awards, etc.

Connect with him on his social media accounts;

Instagram/Twitter/TikTok: @radiogad

Facebook: Brainiac Radiogad Ezeyim

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