Don’t Ever Give Up!! [Inspiring Story From Austine Ikeru]

My great readers, it is very sad to work so hard on a particular project and later abandon it because of lack of money or no financial assistant to complete your project. I always use myself as a case study and the main essence of this write-up is to use my true life situation to inspire and motivate you. Life is a journey; we are the passengers while God is the controller. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, God is watching over you.

You can never predict the future except God, gone are those days when people go to prophet, seer, or magician to predict the future for them. We are in the modernized world and we believe in reality. You can never sit on one place and expect manners to fall from the sky; rather you need to work harder to for it. It takes only you to determine your success or your failure. It only takes determination, hard work, focus and patience to accomplish something in life and become successful.

Linda Ikeji a famous blogger was once a poor girl, she never gave up her passion for blogging, though she tried to succeed in other field but couldn’t. But because of persistent, perseverance and endurance, she was able to build for herself unique online business assets which fetches her millions of naira on a monthly basis. So I ask you what your passion is. Is it football? Is it singing? Is it acting? Is it comedy? Is it fashion designing? Is it drawing and painting? whatever your passion is hold onto it, never let it go, do it with enthusiasm and endure with time, I bet you, you will see the outcome of your hard work in a matter of three years.

What I am trying to say is that a career you create out of passion can never be abandon no matter the predicament or problems you find yourself in. don’t go for something because you see others doing it and making money, don’t allow money to be your driving force to embrace that opportunity but let it be your passion. Your passion for a business makes you focus your 100% time, effort and money on the business.

My great readers what I am trying to say is that dreams are always fulfilled once you follow the right track and do the right thing at the right time.

Back to my story; I was born and breaded in Cross River State, but I am an indigene of Anambra State, back in my childhood days I was a very ambitious young boy, I always aim for the best, I always go for the mighty and highest I always dream high and always got mock by my friends and neighbor who laugh at me saying I am mere dreamer.

Even in the midst of all these mockery I still remain tall and determine, I wanted to surprise them in future and prove them wrong because I know my worth.

It was in 1999 and I was just eight years old and was still in primary four, I developed a great skill in football. I was really an amazing player, I always watch Austine Jay Jay Okocha, kanu Nwankwo, Ronldinho, Zidane, Beckham, Maradona and Figo and I was impressed by their skills in football and wanted to be like them.

My dream was not just to be an ordinary street or school footballer but to to be an international footballer.

Early march 2001 during my final year in primary school at the age of 10, Obudu Local Government Council of Cross River State of Nigeria hosted a competition for all primary schools in the local government and whoever that won the highest goal scorer will be given a cash prize of #50,000 ($180) and will also be shortlisted to represent the local government in the State Government competition.

I came back home after receiving the news from my old strict and discipline headmaster Mr. John Adie, I can still remember the way he use to flog us and command discipline on his students, but he is a kind man and very friendly and generous.

I was still thinking about the news when a good friend of mine by the name Gbenga Daniel, a 9 years young boy, who is one year younger than me, gave to relay the message given to him by the headmaster to deliver to me.

Gbenga Daniel is a talented player, infact he plays exactly like Lionel Messi of Barcelona; some people call him juju player because whenever he is with a ball everyone will be afraid to tackles him because he dribbles a lot.

Gbenga came to see me and told me that the head master wants to see us both. I quickly took a shower and change my dress and we head to his office immediately. Mr. John Adie was the headmaster of St Charles Primary School Obudu. Oh yeah that is the name of my primary school.

Mr. John Adie a short but very handsome man, whose attractive skin and looks have drawn alots of female teachers to him which gave him the title Mr. Charming  dorr! I was still 10 years back then but I know when a man is attracted to a woman. Mr. John Adie was really handsome but what disrupted his beauty was because he was too short.

Anyway back to my story; when I and Gbenga got to his office, he sat us down and bought fanta and biscuit for us to keep our mouth busy, hhhhmh! I ate and drank o my satisfaction, then he gave us more detail about the upcoming competition and pleaded with us to do our best to make the school proud and he will forever remember us for that.

Gbenga and I were the best players in the whole St Charles Primary school. So I was given the mantle of leadership to head the school football club as captain.

The match kick-off a week later and I can see crowd cheering and clapping as I dribble the giant niggas of St Stephen Primary School, I was able to score two goals while Gbenga score one goal and we won with 3-0 defeat against out opponent.

These same applies to other schools, Gbenga and I became very famous in the whole local Government. I was nick-named Okocha because he was my name sake “Austine”.

I did my best too in the state competition with Gbenga who became my right man and my best friend.

After the competition I won the best goal scorer and was given a cash prize of #50,000 ($180) and a recognition/achievement medal by the state commissioner for sport.

In July 2001, I wrote my common entrance examination and was promoted to Model High School Obudu, Cross River State, Nigeria.

I never gave up on my dreams; I really wanted to take football as a career since I was very perfect in it. Life in Model High School was great I made new friends; I was really impressed with our sport master because he too is a great footballer with extra ordinary skills. I learnt a lot from him and brought a lot of prize home for the school.

It later got to an extent whereby different schools hire me to play for them and later settle me in cash. My playing skills became most popular and I started earning respect from friends and fans.

My sport master was proud of me and promise to link me with a national club that plays global league competitions around the world. I was very excited for that news because that was what I have dreamt of all through my life.

My football skills was maturing and my fans was growing in circulation, it was really amazing for me, even those mocking me when I said I wanted to be famous were now praising me, they became my number one fans. Whenever I am on the pitch with football some players were afraid to tackle me because of fear of disgrace because I dribbling players in a shameful manner that makes most of the defense back want to hurt me.

I had my dream at my palm hand, my Dad wanted me to read a professional course in the university but I choose to be a footballer because that is where my passion lies. Patience is a key word that every reader in this blog must adapt to. Total endurance, perseverance and patience are the key to every successful career in life. Impatience me to lose my dreams, ambitions and set goals I have nurture for eight years.

I gave up football in 2010 when I was in my second year in the university, it all happened because I lack patience, I was unable to wait patiently, I was unable to endure till the end, I forget that quitters never win and winners never quit, I never knew that this one mistake will affect my life and torture me for a long extreme time, I never knew that I will lose a lot in future because of my one mistake and what is this mistake? It is Impatient! To be sincere till date I still regret my decision on quitting my dream career because of impatient.

Back to my story; after my first year in the university I decided to join a football club in Enugu, a city in Nigeria to further enlarge and promote my skill in the field. Actually during this period I was already an under-graduate student studying Mass Communication at the prestigious Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

I realized that I haven’t achieved anything in football; I tried all the connections I had to see if I could join a professional club that plays an international or global league match but to no avail, I even tried to call the teacher who promise to link me up with international club that plays global league match but his number was not available. Even with my God given talent I was not even given a chance to prove that I got the talent.

I went to a popular club in Enugu known as Rangers, I pleaded with the head coach  to add me up to the team because I go the talent but he told me that I needed sponsor to be shortlisted into the club, that it is not about been the best player but about having the right connection.

I am really poor and came from a poor home, I didn’t have any uncle or relation in the government and I have no friend whose uncle or relation were in government house, so with powerful connection I can’t be enlisted in the club.

When I got home that day I cried my eyes out, that was my first rejection in life, I felt lonely, I was psychologically imbalance, I lost total control of my self-worth, I hated everything about my life, I felt heartbroken, it was really painful, I felt the torture, I was really depressed, it wasn’t easy for me back then.

I had to travel from Enugu to Aba in Abia State to see if I could join one of the most popular and famous club in Nigeria; Eyimba. I was really determine to join the club, I met my friend uncle who was a technical advisor back then, I approached him and laid my complaint to him, I pleaded with him to connect me with the club that I got all the talent needed.

He accepted to help me and ask me to come to the training ground to examine my potentials, after the training he was really impressed with my performance and promise to convince the head coach to enlist me into the club. I gave me his number to call him in two weeks time to get a feedback from him, I did immediately and we parted ways. After two weeks I called and called and called but his number was not available, I felt disappointed, I really wanted to be a professional footballer and I believe joining a popular club will set the pace for me.

After two month I was not able to hear from the technical advisor, so I decided to visit him again, when I met him, he told me the same story that it is not easy to join the club that I need a sponsor to join the team, some one that will speak for me and represent my interest. Like I earlier said I have none, I am just a poor boy; I don’t have any influential manor politician as an uncle. I pleaded with him to sponsor me but he said he already have people he is sponsoring.

I was really confused, I travelled back to Enugu and felt disappointed, I felt like I haven’t accomplished anything in life, I had sleepless night, I was thinking about my future, I judges myself and concluded that I chooses the wrong track in life. I was beginning to dault myself, my potentials, myself worth, my credibility, my capability and my ego.

I was filled with inferiority complex. After much try and luck but couldn’t get a popular club to sign me in as a player, I gave up on my dreams, my career and my ambitions in life. I told myself I can’t cope anymore; I can’t endure the torture anymore, a dream and ambition I have nurtured for 11 years was swept off my feet. I lost all hopes; I became lonely in the world filled with people. It took me months to recover from my depression and psychological imbalance.

After I gave up on football entirely and focus on my new found talent which is writing, I develop so much skill in writing and the more I write the more creative I become. I share story everyday and writing has given me the edge to use my true life experience to inspire, intrigue and motivate people who are faced with my former kind of situation.

I have written about three novels and two inspirational books that focus on developing our mental focus and psychological statement of mine which is yet unpublished.

Presently I am working on a book on relationship tips that will heal some broken homes, marriages and relationships. So I strongly believe my dreams, ambitions and passion for writing won’t just go like my dream for football.

As a Mass Communication graduate, I decided to focus my skill on writing, to share my story to the world and that was the major reason this blog was created to inspire, inform, educate, entertain and motivate people into taking charge of their lives, career, dreams, and ambitions in life.

Today I ask myself one question; what of if I stick o my guns, fought my challenges and overcome all my predicaments I would have been playing with one of the most richest and popular club and my name would have been a ringing bell in the football industry just like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and I would have been living rich lifestyle. Because after struggling the time for merriment will come.

Gbenga Daniel my good friend sticks to his guns and today because of his persistent and perseverance has been signed in with Kano Pillars, he is hoping to be sign into the Nigeria Flying Eagles.

My fellow readers and fans of Austine Media Blog  I advise you to always believe in yourself, never lose hope on something, have confidence, determination, learn to endure and preserve, be patience, and work very hard to actualize your dreams. I pray success shall be your portion.

I have encountered so much life experiences and I promise to share them with you on this blog in subsequent time on my new post.

Failure is our best lesson to success. So I urge you all to use what you might have learnt from this blog to inspire yourself, your neighbors, your family members and your friends. Have a wonderful and marvelous day. I hope this post inspired someone out there.

Wait patiently for God; because God time is the best; don’t hurry in life!!

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to success and attaining financial freedom.

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