Dr Oguname Died Four Months After Challenging Prophet Odumeje – The Real Cause of His Death

Dr. Oguname a very powerful herbal doctor is dead; he died four months after challenging Prophet Odumeje concerning the controversy and dead of Ada Jesus. Mr Nosa Edeghene who was popularly known as Dr Oguname passed away few days ago to journey in the underworld. He was from Benin City in Edo state and was based in Germany with his family.

It appeared that his death was mysterious. His death came as a shock to many people because of the strangest way he passed away in Benin City, Edo state in the south southern part of Nigeria after returning from Germany. After the news of his death goes viral on the internet everyone wants to know the actual cause of his death.

However, several Nigerians including all his social media fans alongside with his family and colleagues have started paying tribute to the deceased through several mediums.

Also, this topic becomes the most talked about topic in social media and the unusual death of the herbal priest shocked everyone and they are still not clear on what actually caused his death.

According to our reliable sources, it has been reported that the actual story behind the death of Dr Oguname and his sudden demise happened when he was doing his usual traditional dance in Benin which was aimed to communicate and contact with the spirits of the land and during this process, the chief priest died while doing the traditional dance ritual and it is speculated that there was some type of wrong things happening during the whole process by which it becomes the reason of his death.

One of the sources which were very close to the deceased stated that Dr Oguname leaves Germany on Saturday 14th August 2021 to travel to Nigeria. In addition to this, he stated that he was one of the most talented and most popular Chief Priest and just by this he clearly knows that the time has come for him to join his ancestors by which he decided to leave Germany to Edo State in Nigeria.

Also, the source stated that he was very close to the spirit of the lands and with this kind of talent he worked several tasks in his entire life which always remain in our heart.

After four days of reaching Benin from Germany, he passed away while doing his usual traditional dance ritual, and after his death, news went viral that the powerful chief priest has left this planet. All the colleagues and devotees of the priest started paying tribute to him through several mediums and paid homage to him. We also pay homage to the spirit and may his soul rest in peace.

Few months ago Dr Oguname made a video where he challenged Nigerian controversial Prophet Odumeje concerning Ada Jesus. During that controversy, Ada Jesus made controversial remarks about Odumeje and Rita Edochie, after which Ada Jesus was strike with stroke. Dr Ogunamen accused Odumeje for being responsible for Ada Jesus predicament.

He challenged Prophet Odumeje to undo what he did to Ada Jesus otherwise they will be a spiritual battle. He challenged Prophet Odumeje that if Ada Jesus dies that he will never forgives him. Unfortunately Ada Jesus died of Cardiac Arrest in a hospital.

After Ada Jesus death, Dr Oguname made another video where he talk about death and the power of a woman. Unfortunately, Dr Oguname is dead and no one is yet to ascertain what actually caused his death. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

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