Echendu Donates and Feed the Ankaful Main Prison to Tackle Hunger for Humanities

Africa and world serial Entrepreneur, Echendu Ndubuisi has made a donation and feed the Ankaful main prison to tackle The African Prisons for inmates awaiting trials focused on Accelerating Change in Global Narratives about Africa Prisons. This donation came even as the Echendu Unify (Foundation) announced additional projects to grant more donations and skill acquisition as a future forum to enable them acquire skills.

Echendu Ndubuisi said that the donation became necessary because of the urgent need to tackle hunger, medical attention and skill acquisition and support through legal assistance and correct some of the negative perceptions of Africa Prisons by the outside world. The donation was made to The Ankaful main prison cape coast, Republic of Ghana.

The Manager of the Echendu Unify Group Executive, Victoria Ofori Echendu

The Echendu Unify is a leading non-profit institution focused on challenging historical stereotype around the African continent and a hub for creating an intersection of African policy, business, and culture and recreating narratives about Africa’s economic and cultural significance today and into the future by empowering and making a better place for the less privileged, the inmates on trials, the scholarship scheme and the early child Education in the communities.

Sharing in Echendu’s vision, the Echendu Unify (Foundation) noted that the new donation grant at the Future Africa prison inmates Forum project will be directed to the campaign and for the development of its policy initiatives. We wish for collaboration of other foundations, corporations and individuals that provided leadership support for the Echendu Unify Project campaign.

In recognition of his love and unusual passion for the continent, Engr Echendu was honored and appreciated by the 2yc who received his Donations as a Good example of a good leader for having a great heart towards humanities. Speakers and other officers at the Ankaful main prison praised the efforts of Echendu describing his various philanthropic interventions in Africa and beyond as very significant.

The foundation Forum was this year’s signature policy and charity dialogue project of The Africa Prison Center in partnership with the Echendu Ndubuisi Foundation (The Echendu Unify). Echendu, world serial leading entrepreneur had announced that the donation was towards the feeding of the inmates and has promised to continue through donations of equipment to enable the inmates acquire skill while on trials. Echendu also noted that in 2020 he will start legal bail out for the inmates on trials, which he described as transformative, thus enabling the Center to accelerate its capital campaign, to further activate its public spaces and programming, and support ongoing operations.

Speaking on the gesture, Echendu said the donation through the Echendu Ndubuisi Foundation (The Echendu Unify) is focused on supporting The Africa less privileged, work in transforming global understanding of the continent and promoting partnership and collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world.

He added that the Echendu Unify is showcasing Africa in a contemporary, as a center of innovation, growth, and limitless potential, which makes this project extremely important and worthy of support through his foundation. In her remark, Manager of The Echendu Unify Group, Victoria Ofori Echendu, who is also leading the branch Center’s successful project campaign, described The Echendu Unify as an important gateway to understanding contemporary and future Africans.

Expressing appreciation towards the landmark gesture,  Ucc and other volunteers was proud of the humongous support of the Echendu Ndubuisi Foundation (The Echendu Unify) and the Echendu Family, whose vision for the future of the African continent is perfectly aligned with The Echendu Unify’s mission.

As a remark to the volunteer Mr. Francis stated “We are profoundly grateful to the Echendu Ndubuisi Foundation (The Echendu Unify), whose generosity is enabling us to realize our plans to create a vibrant and essential center of ideas and action focused on the African nations and people of Africa and its Diaspora.

“The Echendu Unify Campaign project has being a  remarkable leadership support to  institutions and individuals that recognize the role it has to play in supporting the less privileged, the early child education, the university school  scholarship and youth empowerment  between the indigenous people in a globalised world village.

That support has enabled us to complete the first two public spaces and activate them with programming that has already proven to be compelling and popular among our local community. We are building on this momentum by reaching out to additional business leaders and global philanthropists and asking them to invest in Africa and support the Echendu Unify projects mission.

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