Ejiofor Reveals Why Nnamdi Kanu Hasn’t Sent Video Or Audio Messages From Detention To His Supporters

Nnamdi Kanu Lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor has given reasons why his client Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has not been able to send neither an audio nor a video message to his supporters. Ifeanyi Ejiofor explained that he was not permitted to do so because of the law existing in the facility where he is detained. Nnamdi Kanu lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor said this while reacting to questions from suspected IPOB members on Tuesday.

Nnamdi Kanu supporters had raised concerns after Ifeanyi Ejiofor gave an update on his meeting with the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Facebook.

After giving the update, one IPOB member by the name Henry requested saying; “Please Barrister, when next you see Nnamdi Kanu, please if you don’t mind, use your phone and do a short video with him for us! Let us see and hear him! My own worries though! At list let us all know that he is still alive.”

“Barrister, we are just hungry of his voice or face, we have missed him,” Ikechukwu Joshua added.

Replying to the IPOB members, Ifeanyi Ejiofor responded saying; “It is not permitted within their environment but we are working out something more pronouncing than that. We have already applied formally for that. I shall keep you people posted with the latest development he stated.”

Earlier, the lawyer posted; “Victory is ours! Nothing less than victory. On the 23rd of August 2021, we visited our client- Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he is ever strong in conviction and can never falter.

“He sends his best wishes, compliments and regards to millions of his teeming supporters/fans across the world, for their immeasurable solidarity, unwavering support, prayers and loyalty towards him. More of his encouraging words to come. Other details shall remain private,” Ifeanyi Ejiofor counsel to Nnamdi Kanu stated.

The trial of Nnamdi Kanu, resumed last month in Abuja where he is facing terrorism and treasonable felony charges leveled against him by the Nigeria Federal Government. Nigerian officials have said that Nnamdi Kanu was brought back after he jumped bail and went on the run in 2017.

His family and lawyers say he was illegally arrested in June this year while in Kenya. He was tortured and flown back to Nigeria after spending 8 days in Kenyan.

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