Empty Your Negative Feelings

It is easy to go into life holding onto the things that are wailing us down such as guilt, resentment, doubts, regrets, worry, bitterness and anger. The problem is when we allow these things inside our mind, they will be taking up space for the good things that should be there. If you allow worry into your life, it pushes out the peace, because there is no space for both.

The reason some people don’t enjoy their life is because their heart is contaminated with so many negative things.  There may hate their job, have 20 % worry, depressed, stressed over their work, they may have 20% guilt, 20% bitterness, mad at their neighbor.

There may be jealous and envious of their neighbor’s progress, torturing themselves for their past mistakes, they never realize all this are negative mindset. Most people wonder why they don’t have joy, creativity and passion, the answer is, give no place to bitterness.

You can control what is in your mind such as negative feelings, negative emotions, bitterness and hatred. You must declare that you won’t give bitterness, anger, envious and worries valuable space in your heart and allow it poison your mind. You have to protect what you allow inside of you.

Every morning you wake up, you need to empty out every negative feeling in your mind before going out for the day activity, maybe somebody offended you at work or in school it is easy to let it go. You have to discipline yourself and say I won’t allow any negative thoughts to spoil my day, I must be happy today.

They hurt you once, don’t allow them to continue hurting you by holding onto the offence, learn to forgive easily. Don’t worry about what the day might bring, give up on the negative thinking and start thinking positive right now.

You have to empty out the negative, if you make a mistake empty out the regrets, you haven’t paid your bills empty out the worries. Bitterness, worries, doubt, anger, guilt and self pity are infections to our spirit, we need to push them out otherwise they will contaminate our spirit and cause us problems.

Don’t let a disappointment, a lay-off, a divorce, a loss, a break-up, a depression contaminate your mind, why not release it so that it doesn’t infect the rest of your life and poison your future. Worry is part of life, the key is not to hold onto them because there are not moving you forward.

When you hold onto old things, new things can never come, instead we should be blessed and excited of our future by releasing our worries, regrets, bitterness and anger. When you make room for God into your life, God will fill your room with good things of life.

When you make a mistake, don’t hide yourself, instead go to God and ask for forgiveness and you will receive God mercy.  It is easy to live life in regrets, you can’t do anything about the past but you can do something about the present and future.

When you ask God to forgive you for your sins he easily forgives you, but why don’t you forgive yourself, why don’t you empty the worries and self pity in your life. How much space are you giving to guilt, regrets and depressions? You need to empty that space for God to fill you with his goodness and move you towards your destiny.

If you give space to guilt, regrets, bitterness and depression in your mind, that will cause you to fail, the only way to win is to say I am done living in the past I want to move on.

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