End SARS: Falz Speaks On The President Move To Meet Their Demands

Popular Nigerian singer, Folarin Falana aka Falz the Bad Guy recently took to social media to update fans on the progress made so far on the ongoing End SARS protest in Nigeria. The music stated on his official Instagram handle that the presidency had said that all states should set up a panel of inquiry that would lead to prosecuting officers found guilty.

Falz advised that youths in every state select a representative to be at the panel to monitor things. Falz with no doubt had a loud voice since the End SARS protests started and he recently took to his social media page to give protesters progress reports. The music star revealed in a short video clip that the president had approved that a judicial panel of inquiry should be set up that would look into all cases of police brutality in the state.

He stated that the panel is to make them all have a sit down and listen to victims of police brutality who would share their stories with evidence. The singer said that the evidence would be collected and the offending officers would be prosecuted by the attorney general of the state if it is a criminal offence.

Nigerian singer Falz recently spoke on what the government was doing about the End SARS protests. Falz stated that when a police officer shoots, it would be treated as murder and when they beat people to stupor it would be termed as torture and when they take people to ATMs to forcefully withdraw money at gun point it would be termed as armed robbery.

The rapper stated that these offences are in the jurisdiction of state offences and the attorney general of the state can prosecute. He also warned people not to listen to their governors if they give excuses for not prosecuting such crimes. The rapper went ahead to advise people to select a youth representative in their state to be at the panel so as to monitor things and keep people informed.

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