Engr Echendu Biography and Net Worth

Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony Humphrey popularly known as Engr Echendu, is an Engineer by training, a serial entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. The British and African Engineer is the Founder and Chairman of Echendu Sky Holdings Ltd, Echendu oil and Eshworld Ltd, an international and African investment company, with interests in oil and gas, cargo and logistics, hospitality, real estate, travel and tourism present in about  4 countries. 

Engr Echendu is known for his significant contribution to empowering the youth and feeding the homeless people. In 2015, he created The Echendu Ndubuisi Foundation operating as Echendu unify. But Echendu Ndubuisi, has now turned his attention to Africa, As the youngest creative entrepreneur UK Biz award CEO 2011 and 2018.

Engr Echendu was into construction, oil and gas, procuring oil drilling tools and warehouses to the petroleum sectors, more established ECHENDU OIL PLC, which at that time was the smallest oil and gas Services Company around the globe, and he had transformed Echendu oil from single country to many other countries.

Engr Echendu has since gained global recognition as a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Armed with the knowledge, expertise and understanding of economic opportunities that exist in the world and Africa, he founded Echendu Sky Holdings and Echendu Eshworld, an International and Africa investment company designed to create economic prosperity in different part of the world and Africa.

Today, Echendu Sky Holdings, Echendu Eshworld and its investee companies employ over 100 people, while empowering the youth more through his foundation “The Echendu unify” across Africa, United States and United Kingdom.

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