ESN Burnt Down A Man House And Fleet Of Cars Over Claims Of Planting Cameras To Monitor Them

Members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the paramilitary organization of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been accused of burning down a man house and fleet of cars over claims of him planting cameras to monitor them. Facebook user, Ugo Egbujo identified the victim as Chief O.K Ugba and also disclosed that the incident occurred in Amangwu Ohafia community of Abia state.

 Ugo Egbujo disclosed that the man’s brother said he installed solar lights in the village, but ESN members misjudged him and claimed that he installed cameras to monitor their activities.

It was alleged that they looted and burnt down his mansion. They also burnt down his G-Wagon, BMW X6, Range Rover Sports and other expensive cars in his garage.

According to Ugo Egbujo post on Facebook and I read; This is Chief O.K Ugba house burnt down by Unknown Gun Men. Ishi bu Mba. The head that carries the burden of the town. That is his house. Razed by unknown gun men. His brother said the man installed solar lights in the village. The ESN misjudged him. They said he installed cameras to monitor their activities.

That is their story. The man’s mansion has been burnt down. His fleet of cars such as G wagon, BMW X6, Range Rover Sports and other expensive cars all burnt down into ashes. His entire house looted and razed.

His sin was that he installed solar lights in Amangwu Ohafia community of Abia State. This is the last thing a republican and capitalist society that encourages being brothers keepers needs. A culture of arson and assassinations will make Igbo land desolate.

Once violence sets in, it spreads like a wild weed. My sympathy is not for the rich like Isi bu Mba. It is for the poorest of the poor. They will suffer the most. The rich don’t live in IDP camps. Igbo land is already in a big mess,” Ugo Egbujo stated.

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