Expensive Mistake – Part 1 (2019 Nollywood Movie)

This is the part 1 of the trending movie Expensive Mistake. This particular part is feel with lots of suspense, action, intrigues, love and betrayal of trust. How do you feel when you make the worst mistake of your life? You feel the pain of regret right!! This is what this movie is all about. This movie “Expensive Mistake” is a story about a vibrant young man whose only crime was to accommodate a childhood friend whom he hasn’t seen for over 10 years only for him to sell all his properties and made away with his life savings. This is a must watch movie from the stable of Austine Media Production starring Chinwe Owoh, Ruby Orjiakor, Prince Nwafor, Chukwudi Okoro, Austine Ikeru and other characters. Watch, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Part 2 coming out very soon…….

[wpdevart_youtube playlist=”PLGv1uU8_wk7WlPfRGZBfNHvcT-Uqbh3Yy” width=”640″ height=”385″ autoplay=”0″ theme=”light” loop_video=”1″ enable_fullscreen=”1″ show_related=”1″ show_popup=”0″ thumb_popup_width=”213″ thumb_popup_height=”128″ show_title=”1″ show_youtube_icon=”1″ show_annotations=”1″ show_progress_bar_color=”red” autohide_parameters=”1″ set_initial_volume=”true” initial_volume=”100″ disable_keyboard=”0″]P0uYEnbiYTs[/wpdevart_youtube]

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