Eye Witness Reveals What Gunmen Were Singing When They Attacked And Bombed A Police Station In Imo

According to a recent report by Vanguard Newspapers, an eyewitness reported that the gunmen were singing a Biafran song when they attack the Ehime Mbano police station in Imo State before setting it ablaze. It was gathered by Vanguard Newspapers that the hoodlums who attacked the police station in Imo State used the opportunity to play all the emails before setting it ablaze.

The eyewitness made it known to newsmen that the gunmen who attacked the police station in Imo State where singing a song related to Biafra saying that they are happy that they are no more a part of Nigeria, adding that Biafra has been actualized and they are now an independent nation.

Reports also indicated that the gunmen also took away some weapons from the sailor station after paying the inmates before setting it ablaze. The Nigerian police have since confirmed the incident, where they made it known that they will try their best to ensure that the hoodlums who perpetrated this evil are being traced and punished according to the law.

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