Famous Israeli Military Personnel Reacts To Photos Of Igbo Jews Praying For Israel

Hananya Naftali, a famous Israeli military personnel has reacted to photos of Igbo Jews praying for peace in Israel. The photos which were shared yesterday on social media show the moment an impressive number of Igbo Jews gathered in their mass at a synagogue church in Onitsha to pray for peace concerning the ongoing crisis in Israel.

Reacting to the photos of Igbo Jews praying for Israel, Hananya Naftali shows his appreciation by thanking the Igbo Jews for their prayers. The world watches as the battle between Israel and Palestine which has lasted over a week keeps accumulating more damages and casualties.

The battle between Israel and Palestine started as a result of a land dispute and right now it has claimed hundreds of lives as both countries launch missiles at each other. We should pray for peace between both countries.

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