Female Armed Robber Who Killed And Robbed So Many People Have Been Sentenced To Death In Imo

A federal high court sitting in Imo state has finally sentenced the notorious female armed robber who has killed and robbed so many people in the state to death. The court sentenced her to death after she was convicted for manslaughter and armed robbering. In Nigeria today, is not about the judgment given, but the problem we are always having is, will they be executed?

The case of this woman happened sometime last year when this notorious female armed robber was arrested in Imo state alongside with her gang, after they attacked a bank in the state and the police were alerted immediately, they went into a serious gun battle with the police, after which the police succeeded in killing most of her gang member and arrested her.

The female armed robber is the most dangerous and notorious armed robber known in Imo state who made life unbearable for the people of the state. Before her arrest, she has killed so many people and has made life unbearable for the people of the state for a very long time.

She robs people both in the night and in the day. She has been in the wanted list of the police for a very long time until she was finally apprehended last year.

While parading her in the state, the police took her to the state police headquarters. The police operatives took the suspect with her dead gang member to the police commissioner who immediately ordered that the suspect should be remanded in prison custody while awaiting trial.

The case has been in court for a long time and people in the state have been agitating for justice to be given to them because the woman according to them is very dangerous and not worthy to live among normal human beings.

Finally a federal high court sitting in Imo state under the supervision of Honourable Justice Chukwudifu Oputa after hearing the case and all the evidence presented to him sentenced the woman to death by hanging.

Most of her gang members were already killed by the police so she was the only one left. The people of Imo state were very happy to see this notorious armed robber put behind bars.

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