Find Out What This Kenyan Woman Did To Her 2-Yr-Old Daughter That Leaves Internet In Disbelief

A horrifying video showing a woman from Kitengela, Kenya, stabbing her 2-year-old baby daughter to death is currently making its rounds on social media. The incident, which happened on Monday, April 24, was reported by neighbors who explained that the 24-year-old mother had locked herself inside her house and was initially playing with the baby, but soon turned violent and started breaking things.

The noise alerted the neighbors who, despite trying, could not get into the house and had to witness the violent act. They immediately informed the police. The bone-chilling clip shows the mother, Olivia Naserian, locking herself in her room and stabbing her daughter Gloria Njeri, multiple times while singing. Later, Olivia is seen feeding on her dead daughter’s remains.

Upon arriving at the scene, cops broke into the home and found Olivia unconscious. Kitengela OCS (Officer Commanding Station) David Shani, explained that she fed on her baby, stating: “Her teeth and clothes were tainted with blood when police found her.”

The viral video left many people shock and in disbelief. Many people have reacted to the horrific incident. As the clip showing Gloria’s murder went viral, horrified internet users shared their outrage on Twitter. Many demanded that the “heartless” mother be given the harshest penalty under the law. Others spoke about mental health and post-partum depression.

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