Fr Mbaka Releases Fearful Prophecies About Buhari and Nigeria in 2021

Nigerian controversial catholic priest, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria has dropped some fearful prophecies for the year 2021. The controversial minister of God warned the current government led by Muhammadu Buhari to buckle up or face imminent extinction.

According to his words; “The Holy Spirit of God asked me to warn the government of Nigeria to be very careful, to change policies and take care of the youths without politicizing the conditions of the youths.

“That the government should rise and urgently create jobs and innovate opportunities that would benefit the youths of the nation because they have suffered so much. Don’t politicize the condition of the youths, otherwise, they will arise and end the political system.

“Should the government fail to do so as soon as possible, the time is coming when the youths will rise against the government, and that any attempt to stop them will end the government”!

He further stated: “I can see a year ahead; it is not specific whether it is in 2021 that this will happen, but it is within a time in the time of life, that the anger of God will befall many people in the political circle because, they have looted so much and disgraced this nation enough.

“Those who should be serving the country have looted the country dry for their personal aggrandizement, such that our children and grandchildren no longer have a future”.

“They should obey the voice of God, sit together and think out how to reshape Nigeria. The situation in the country portends wickedness, wicked ruling in high places, in the name of legislators; they are the real kidnappers, and the anger of God is upon them.

“I know they would want to attack this message, as usual, but I warn seriously, let nobody, whether you are a politician or a man of God, dare to attack this message so you do not become a victim!

“Whoever that would conspire against this message or partake in any gang-up against me or this ministry, your evil plans will turn back and befall you. Be warned, this is no longer the Fr Mbaka of 2020 but that of 2021,” he said, adding that, “it will be fire for fire this year; if you attack us, you will be attacked”.

Fr Mbaka continued; “They have kidnapped the opportunities meant for the youths, kidnapped the nation’s wealth and jobs meant for the youths. They have kidnapped a lot of infrastructure development; they are kidnappers!

“If they don’t change but choose to fight Fr Mbaka, they should wait and see. The Holy Spirit says that many politicians will run helter-skelter, from one government house to another; many will run to their villages but they would still be trailed down to their villages.

“Many will try to fly out of the country but the airports will be blocked. It will come like a doom, they will be put to shame. Those who have been cornering positions that were meant for the youths will be crying had I known,” he said.

Fr Ejike Mbaka however, summarize five fearful things that will happen in Nigeria this 2021 which are as follows;

  1. Angry youths will rise up against Buhari government, and that any attempt to stop them will end the government.
  2. God will punish legislators who are sponsoring kidnappers, Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram.
  3. This year 2021 will be fire for fire.
  4. Many politicians will run helter-skelter.
  5. Many will try to fly out of the country but the airports will be blocked.


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