Garba Sadeeq Give Reason Why It Will Be Impossible For Terrorists To Attack President Buhari

A retired army captain, Garba Sadeeq, has addressed the recent threats by terrorists directed at President Muhammadu Buhari. Speaking on TVC News, Capt. Garba Sadeeq discreetly spoke regarding the layers of security protecting the president while stating why the terrorist threat is impossible to carry out.

Addressing the topic, Capt. Garba Sadeeq said; “Considering the amount of effort and logistics required to attack the president of any modern state in the world, I will align myself with the minister.” The feasibility and practicality of these terrorists getting to the president are very remote. The kind of security around the president, his family, and the Aso Rock building is too intimidating for anyone to make such an attempt.

He continued; “Again, without being indiscreet of going into detail, the president is surrounded by multiple layers of security, and you will have to breach three layers of security before getting to him.” These layers are each protected by different security agencies. It is a multi-agency undertaking, unlike the popular belief that the president is protected by the presidential guard.

The presidential guard is not even within the inner perimeter of the presidency as they operate outside the three security layers. As a propaganda tool, the threats will resonate with the people. Yes, it will send a message. But even the terrorists know that it is an impossible threat. However, terrorists like propaganda,” he stated.

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