Georgina Onuoha Biography and Net Worth

Georgina Onuoha is a famous Nollywood actress, model, television personality and a philanthropist. She was born on 29th September 1980 in Lagos State in the western part of Nigeria. She is currently 37 years old. She is one of the most gifted and most talented actresses in Nigeria. She is originally from Anambra State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She started acting at a very tender age right from her primary school days.

Georgina Onuoha completed both her primary and secondary school education in Lagos State, Nigeria and obtained both her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.

Georgina Onuoha joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 1990 at the age of 10 years old as a teenage actress and started acting as minor characters in movies. In 1992, she rose to fame after acting in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Living in Bondage” a movie that brought Nollywood to limelight.

In 2003, Georgina Onuoha became a public figure in Nigeria after acting in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Egg of Life” alongside with Nkeru Sylvanus, Pete Edochie, Ebele Okaro and Clarion Chukwuka. The movie won her an award for Nollywood Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, she disappeared from the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) when she got married to American based husband Dr. Ifeanyi Igwegbe. Her marriage with Dr. Ifeanyi Igwegbe is blessed with two beautiful daughters. In 2015, Georgina Onuoha marriage with her husband Dr. Ifeanyi Igwegbe ended up in a divorce.

Georgina Onuoha has acted in more than 150 Nollywood movies which include Egg of Life, Die Another Day, Without Apology, Valentino, Living in Bondage, Eye of the Gods, Abuja Connection, Osuofia in London, Across the Niger, 2 Rats, Abuja Connection, Ure, Runs, Misplaced, Cursed from Beyond, etc. In 2006, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

In 2016, she publicly criticized the Nigerian government for the removal of fuel subsidy against the masses approval. In an Instagram post in March 2016, she claimed to be suffering from an unnamed illness for 8 years.

Georgina Onuoha has quit Nollywood and is currently based in the United States of America with her family where she is currently working as a health care worker in a reputable health care facility in the United States of America.

However, during an interview with the media, Georgina Onuoha stated that the reason she stop acting movies for a long time is because she has been battling with a strange illness for over eight years.

In 2016, Georgina Onuoha made a comeback to Nollywood after acting in a Nollywood blockbuster movie “Ure” alongside with Angela Okorie, Chioma Toplis, Adam Chollett and Moses Efret. The movie which was based on a true life story, addresses issues on wrong diagnosis in the healthcare system.

Georgina Onuoha in the cause of her acting career has won several awards which include Best Supporting Actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards, Best Actress of the Year at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Nollywood Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Georgina Onuoha is currently one of the richest and most influential actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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