How to Get Rid of Migraines

In this post we are going to look at the meaning of migraines and stipulate the best strategy on how to get rid of migraines. A migraine is a severe, painful headache that can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days.

A migraine can also be referred to a painful headache that may occur with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fatigue and numbness. Migraine is a neurological disorder involving nerve pathways and brain chemicals. However, it has been scientifically proved that genes & environmental factors play an important role.

A migraine is much more than your typical headache. It can cause extreme pain, nausea and vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. The throbbing pain can quickly ruin your day and interfere with your life.

However, they is a saying that heaven help those who help themselves & prevention they say is best than cure.  If you noticing some symptoms of migraines in your body, you don’t have to sit back and wait for a migraine to end. As long as you know how to deal with it, you can tackle it from all sides and get back to your daily life.

However, in this post I am going to stipulate five ways or strategies you must apply in your daily activities to get rid of migraines.

1.Have a Treatment Plan

The first step is a have a treatment plan. A solid plan can give you the power to relieve a migraine before the pain becomes severe. This may be the most important weapon you have against future migraine attacks.

Your treatment plan includes taking medications when you feel a migraine coming on or when you start noticing the symptom. However, knowing which medication to take can lower your stress level. Your treatment plan may include purchasing pain relievers tablets, prescription and medications from a pharmaceutical store. It is very important you discuss with your doctor to develop a migraine treatment plan that is right for you.

2. Treat it Earlier

The second step is to treat the migraine earlier. Timing is very important when it comes to relieving a migraine. Take your medication as early as possible. The American Headache Society and world health organization recommends taking your medication during the prodromal phase of the attack.

A prodromal phase is a warning sign that a painful migraine is coming next. This gives you the best chance of getting relief. You don’t have to wait and see if you are getting a full-blown migraine.

The key is to recognize your prodrome quickly so you can take actions immediately. However, prodromal signs can vary widely between people, but they often include symptoms such as anxiety, euphoria, trouble concentrating, fatigue or yawning, etc.

It is very necessary that you keep your migraine medications with you at all times so you can take them as soon as you recognize the early stages of your attack.

3. Consider What Caused the Migraines

The last step I have to share with you is for you to consider what really caused the migraines. If you can truly determine the cause of your migraine, or what causes the symptoms, then you may be able to take additional steps to find relief.

You have to ask yourself questions which only you can provide answer for. Ask yourself whether you are getting a migraine because you haven’t had enough to eat today?

It has been scientifically proved that some migraines can be triggered by a lack of food, which can cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. If you think your migraine or severe headache is triggered by hunger, then you need to try and eat something that is easy on the stomach such as saltine crackers.

This food, in combination with your medications, may give you additional relief. However, The National Headache Foundation has stated that some people may crave carbohydrates just before a migraine hits. If this is the case, listen to your body and have a snack. However, dehydration can also cause severe headaches or migraines too, and may make your migraine even worse. So it is advisable to feed properly, take good balance diet and consume them very well.

If you follow these tips that I have stipulated above, then you will be able to get rid of severe headaches and migraines and free yourself from the pain and agony that comes with it.

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