Ghanaian Short Billionaire Shatta Bandle Reveals His Net Worth – $70 Million

Ghanaian short billionaire and internet sensational, Shatta Bandle has revealed his net worth during his stage performance at the Lagos Premium. The dwarf who is controversial on social media after displaying his luxurious lifestyle and making funny comments that he is richer than Aliko Dangote (the Richest Man in Africa) has revealed that his net worth is $70 Million US Dollars.  He was born dwarf in Ghana and currently regards himself as the richest man in Ghana.

Shatta Bandle became popular after one of his videos claiming to be richer than Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa went viral on social media. His claims, of course, triggered some reactions from Nigerians online. The battle he created on Twitter increased his popularity in Ghana after Nigerians reacted to the Dangote video that he uploaded online.

Shatta Bandle has finally revealed that his net worth is $70 Million US Dollars. However, some fans have questioned his source of income and he revealed that he has several real estate investments and Oil Company in Ghana and rest of the world. Shatta Bandle also claims to be 20 years old when he was questioned to reveal his real age.

He was born in Karaga, a small city and capital of the Karaga district in the northern region of Ghana. He stayed there with his parents for a while before moving to Accra to pursue his dream. Shatta Bandle has not received any formal education. He told Pulse Ghana that it was as a result of his struggle to get rich that made him to quit school. He does not believe in formal education, however, it is part of his goal to receive formal education in the future he stated during an interview.

According to Shatta Bandle, his business is dedicated to the oil and gas sector, which represents an important source of income. Although he has refused to disclose the names of the companies he is dealing with, he claims to be working with oil companies in Ghana, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.

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