God Loves You More Than Your Earthly Father

It is easy to go into life holding onto the things that are wailing us down such as guilt, resentment, doubts, regrets, worry, bitterness and anger. God is the only one that can show you unconditional love, God will look over your fault and show you his love. Your heavenly father can do more than what your earthly father cannot do for you, sometimes we feel that the lord is counting on our mistakes in life.

Whether you are an orphan, poor, depressed, handicapped, blind, leper, cripple or sick, God loves you unconditionally. Never allow your failure to deprive you of success that is ahead of you, you need to understand that the love of your heavenly father cannot be compared to the love of your earthly father. When you make mistake, learn from your mistake and when you sin against God ask for forgiveness and my heavenly father will forgive you.

Your heavenly father is not looking at what you are doing wrong, he is looking at what you are doing right. Don’t be afraid to ask God for forgiveness when you have sin against him, God sees you as a champion of progress, he sees you as a working progress.

Ask God for the keys to eternal life and he will give it to you without wasting time. Don’t feel guilty that your sins are too heavy and God won’t forgive them, just ask and your sins shall be forgiven. Make a decision today and say when I ask God for forgiveness, he freely forgives me, God takes pleasure in giving you his kingdom.

Don’t walk timid before God, he likes boldness and enthusiasm. God has ordered you to come boldly before the throne of grace so you can obtain mercy. God will help you to find help in your time of need, you need to be bold, you need to ask for God forgiveness, you need to receive God mercy. You need to forgive yourself and you need to know that God will help you to get to where you want to be in life.

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