God is Working Miracle for us Behind the Scene

We all go through time we don’t understand, we all go through tough time, difficult situation and predicaments. I want you all to know that God is working miracle for you behind the scene, he does his greatest work in the dark. God hasn’t forgotten about you, in the dark time when life feel unfair, you have to remind yourselves God is still in control.

Just because you don’t see anything doesn’t mean God is not working for you, God doesn’t always show you what he is up to, God like surprises. You have to learn to trust God during difficult situation especially when things are not going your way and you don’t see the fruit of your hard labor. The most successful people on earth are those who went through bad situation and persevere without giving up on their dreams.

Difficult situation are not permanent, there are temporal, it is a time of testing, a time of proving whether we are mature or not. When we are facing this kind of situation, the right attitude is to shun negative mindset and embrace positive mindset.

The bad day, the disappointment and the heartbreak are simply another step on your way to fulfill your God given destiny. Weeping may endure in the night but joy comes in the morning, sickness is temporary, poverty is temporary, problems are just temporary, you may weep in the night but joy will flow in the morning.

This might be your trial moment, things may not be working well for you, you feel depressed, frustrated and wants to give up, I want you to know that God is working miracle for you behind the scene. Trust in God, keep moving forward in faith, keep believing in him, is just a matter of time and God will raise you to a better position in life.

Just because you are a good person doesn’t mean you are not going to hit road blocks, it doesn’t mean you are not going to face challenges. Problems, difficulties and challenges are just part of life. God is watching over you, he won’t allow a problem that you won’t handle, he has the power to stop that problem, but he only allows it because he has a purpose for you.

Quit wishing yourselves bad luck such as I will never make it in life, I will never overcome this trial, temptation and difficulty, I will never get well, I will never fulfill my dreams, whatever you declare with your mouth is very effective. What you are going through may be difficult but the good news is you are going to overcome it, your predicaments is not your final destination, is just a moment of trial.

God is about to fill your mouth with laughter, that means God is going to do something so unusual and so extraordinary in your life which will cause you to always laugh. Your morning is going to be turn to dancing, your sorrow will be turn to joy and your moments of challenges will be turn to moments of testimony.

God will always make the enemy pay for bringing in the trouble, if you stay in faith you will not only come out from your predicaments, but you will come out better than before. You may be in a tough time right now, but I declare you are going to push through, overcome your predicaments and live a happy and fulfilled life.

People don’t determine your destiny, only you and your God does, your destiny is only determined by you and your God, no human being on earth can determine your destiny. Don’t let your difficult moments, your challenges and your predicaments convince you that you have seen your worst days.

Instead of relying on past experience it is better to think of the future, no condition is permanent, relying on past experience will get you more discourage and defeated in life, you need to focus on your future. The best thing you can say to yourself is, all is well with my life, by saying that, you are telling your enemies that God is in control of your life.

You need to know your difficulties are just temporary, you need to know your joy is coming, what was made for your harm God will turn to your advantage. Quit worrying, God is saying all is well, in your finances all is well, in your health all is well, in your family all is well, you are going to see what God is doing behind the scene for you.

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