Goodluck Jonathan Nephew Arrested By Bayelsa State Police For Shooting 2 People During Masquerade Festival

The police in Bayelsa State says it has arrested a suspect named Ogunaisi Akpusu, who is later identified as the nephew of Nigeria former president, Goodluck Jonathan for allegedly shooting two people during a masquerade festival in Bayelsa. However, Akpusu was questioned by the Bayelsa police and later released as Bayelsa commissioner of police, Asuquo Amba says investigation shows it was accidental.

The incident happened at a masquerade festival held in Bayelsa state. The incident according to reliable source happened at Emeyal 1 community of Ogbia Local government Area of Bayelsa State. The source report said the commissioner of police mr. asuquo Amba confirmed the incident on Tuesday, 31st October, 2017 in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state.

While parading the suspect, the commissioner stated that investigation shows that the shooting was accidental, but added that the victims sustained wounds on their legs and thigh. The commissioner went further to state that one of the victim was hausa while the other is Igbo and both are resident in Omeyal 1.

The suspect was arrested by policemen attached to the Kolo divisional before the case was transferred to the serious crime unit.

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