Governor Wike Breaks Silence – Says He Is Afraid That Nigeria Can Divide If Nothing Is Done

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has once again spoken. Governor Wike is one man who is always out to speak when there is a need and he is never scared to speak out. This time around, the Rivers State governor made it known that with what is presently happening in Nigeria today, he is very much afraid that Nigeria can disintegrate and breakup if nothing is done to stop it.

He went on and called every reasonable Nigerian and every nationalist who believes in this country called Nigeria, to come up and make sure that Nigeria moves forward. He further stated that if nothing is done that it is going to affect everybody eventually.

According his words on Punch Newspaper;

“Every reasonable Nigerian, every nationalist who believes in this country should come up and make sure this country moves forward; if not, it is going to affect everybody.”

Well, the question right now is, do you really think that Governor Wike made a very good and important point here? Nigeria is really shaking as it stands now and something must be done so fast to save the country from collapsing. So the question now is, what is that thing that needs to be done to safe the country from collapsing?


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