He Injected Me And Almost Forcibly Slept With Me – Female Soldier Cry Out About Senior Male Officers

Ruth Ogunleye, a female soldier from Nigeria, has talked about a traumatic event she supposedly had while serving in the military. Ruth claimed that the issue arose after she rejected overtures from Col. IB Abdulkareem, a senior officer, as reported by Punch and Sahara TV. She stated that Abdulkareem had been making her life miserable since her posting in 2022 and had threatened to have her discharged from the military in reprisal for turning down his overtures.

In a video shared on YouTube by Sahara TV, Ruth stated that the senior officer gave her an injection and tried to forcibly sleep with her. She said when he got caught, he claimed that she had a mental illness and he got her sent to a psychiatric hospital where she was confined for a month without receiving any prescribed medication

According to her words: “He injected me and almost forcibly slept with me and when he was caught he said I have mental illness. He took me to a psychiatrist hospital and locked me there for one month without any medication.” Note that the Nigerian army has responded to the allegations and has pledged to investigate the matter.

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