How To Become Successful On YouTube

Many people have been asking questions on what to do to become successful on YouTube. Maybe you have a channel you just created and you are looking for ways to monetize it and start making money from it. However, for you to be successful on YouTube you have to follow the 4 E’s every successful YouTuber is following. In our humble opinions, the best Youtube video ideas follow the 4 E’s: educate, entertain, elicit, and engage.

Education is a fairly subjective term, but the basic gist is that it provides previously unknown information. A Youtube video is much more shareable when it informs or teaches the audience about a particular topic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “educational” on a scholarly or academic level. As long as the viewer walks away knowing more than before, then your channel can be considered educational.

Entertainment is an obvious one. Even a purely educational video has to be at least somewhat entertaining if you want it to swim to the top of the Youtube ocean. Unfortunately, many wannabe Youtube stars forget about this crucial factor. You can film yourself unboxing brand new iPhones all day long, or teach users how to make 50 bologna sandwiches, but if you don’t add some entertaining pizazz, nobody is going to share it.

Elicit and engage go hand in hand. With your Youtube videos, you want to elicit a response (like, share, comment) from the viewer while engaging them in a way that makes them feel personally invested. This requires a bit of research on your ideal target audience and their corresponding digital habits. What kind of viewers are you going to attract, and what can you do to make them feel like they’re a part of a community? Users are far more likely to subscribe to your channel if it will make them feel like a member of a digital tribe.

The most successful Youtube channels focus on a single topic. This topic can range from video games to sports to yourself (as a celebrity/influencer). If the focus of the channel is you and your personality, try to at least keep a consistent voice throughout the videos.

Vlogging Your Life

Vlogging is one of the easiest ways to get started with a YouTube channel because you don’t need any extra equipment other than a device with a camera that can capture video content. Vloggers generally spend time talking to the camera about their own lives, thoughts, opinions, concerns and even current news topics or events. It’s totally open-ended and is considered to be the video equivalent or writing in a diary, journal or personal blog.

Look at your blog posts. If you write one blog post every day and publish one YouTube video every week, you will have seven times as many blog posts as you have YouTube videos. That means you already have the ideas in front of you. Just take one of your blog posts and turn it into a YouTube video!

Look at other people’s blog posts. See how you can combine your knowledge with someone else’s blog posts to create an original YouTube video. Reading other people’s blog posts will also expand on your knowledge.

Talk about a problem in your niche. People want to know the common pitfalls in your niche so they know to avoid them. In addition to talking about the problems in your niche, be sure to provide the solutions for each of those problems.

Talk about success stories. Chances are there is someone inspirational in your niche who has gone through a lot in order to become successful. You can create a success story for that individual and show others that they can be successful too.

Talk about your own experiences. You may have a success story of your own or just want to talk about what happened to you yesterday. Regardless of what you talk about, you need to connect it back to your niche.

Look at other people’s YouTube videos. Looking at other people’s YouTube videos will allow you to identify what kinds of videos people in your niche are uploading and which ones are the most popular uploads. This can help you identify which videos you need to publish on YouTube.

Look at your past YouTube videos. Maybe you shared a tip in one of your YouTube videos that you want to expand on. It’s also possible that you liked the message in one of your first videos but don’t like the way it came out (it takes a while to get experience). You can create a Part 2 or a better version of an older video.

Any new updates relating to your niche. People who want to learn more about your niche do their best to stay up to date. When something big happens in your niche, you can come out with a new YouTube video explaining what just happened.

Tips about anything related to your niche. Many viewers are looking for good nuggets of information. Providing tips about anything related to your niche gets the job done.

Core values. Whether these are the core values to living a happier life or getting more Twitter followers, talking about them and including “Core Values” in your video’s title will attract attention.

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