How to Overcome Fear

Fear is the only obstacle towards actualizing our dreams and vision in life. Fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real. In this post I am going to reveal to you the effect of fear in our lives and show you how you can overcome them and live confidently and courageously throughout the rest of your life. In life the only limitations to your dreams is fear, it destroys your dream and makes you irrelevant in the society.

Fear makes us powerless, helpless and hopeless. For you to become successful in life and actualize your dreams you sincerely and really need to overcome your fears. All of us want to be strong. We want to be in control. We want to show others that we can make it in this world. Unfortunately, we all have fears too. We can never find true happiness without a purpose in our lives. What do you want to actualize in life?

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Many people have dreams and vision they want to achieve in life, but the only obstacle to those dreams and vision is fear and if you are not able to overcome those fear in your life you will never actualize those dreams.

They may be a result of bad experiences or they may just pop up one day and catch us off guard. Fears come in all shapes and sizes. It might be a fear of heights or fear of an animal or fear of bug or fear of failure, or fear of rejection, but whatever your fears may be, they can stop you in your tracks. They can be a limitation to your dreams; they can be hindrances to your success in life. Fear has destroyed many dreams and vision in life.

Every human being has goal and ambition, nobody wants to remain stagnant, everybody wants to change, everybody wants to experience happiness, everyone wants to live a fulfilling life and everyone wants to taste money. I can say all those things can only come to pass if you are able to overcome those fears that have held you captive and not ready to let go of you. Many people want to start a business but they fear they might fail, fear is false evidence appearing real, many people dream big but they fear and start wondering how possible they could get to that level they always dream of.

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You can never achieve your dreams when you allow fear to be littering inside your mind, you have to be courageous, believe in yourself, have confidence, do everything you can and be patience. Success does not come fast, it take time. Success is like a flower, when you plant it on a good soil and water it every day, it will grow and blossom. Such is success, when you want to achieve true success, you have to set up your goals, plan very well before you start a particular business, start from somewhere, work smart and work hard, never give up, slowly and patiently your success will come out.

Never quit your dreams, strive very hard to achieve your goals, be persistent, have stubborn determination, focus on your winning power and don’t allow fear to get in your way. Read positive books, journals and meditate everything you read. I want you to know that when you read consistently you will learn a lot about life and when you become controller of yourself, then no fear can penetrate into your heart. Living in fear makes you a prisoner in the world. Always surround yourself with people that will add positive meaning to your life. Remember that when you fall down you need to get up and continue going. You don’t need to allow fear to take control of your whole life, you sincerely need to have a positive mindset, people who fear a lot are those who never believe in themselves, when you fail to believe in yourself then you will never escape emotional fear. People will always criticize you and that will add up to your fear in life.

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The major thing people fear in life is failure, but I can sincerely tell you that, if you don’t fail in life then you can never achieve genuine success in life. When fears attack, one often feels quite alone. No one could possibly understand how powerful the fears one face can be. It doesn’t make sense, you may wonder, but it is real. You can become embarrassed by your fears and that can lead to even more fear in your life, like a fear of rejection. This kind of fear happens in life and many people are facing it on a daily basis. Fear of rejection is caused by inferiority complex, when you fear that you are not worthy or see yourself as incapable, then you will feel that you might be rejected. But when you believe in yourself, value your worth, they is no way you can feel the fear of rejection in your mind.

Maybe you attend an interview and in front of the interviewer, you start feeling you might be rejected, your heart start pumping up and down, and when you want to speak, it will seem as if gum or superglue have blocked your mouth and you will stammer and stammer, all this is cause by fear of rejection. You may see a girl you love and dream of having as your future wife, you want her to be your girl friend but you don’t know how to approach her because you fear that she might reject you. You fear that you are not good enough and that many people are better than you.

But do you think that is true? Do you think you are not worthy of something you desire? You are what you wish yourself, if you wish for success you will embrace success and if you wish for failure you will embrace failure, if you allow fear to take over your whole being then you will never have confidence and courage and when you don’t have confidence and courage then you will never be able to do anything and success will never come your way.

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Fear is a powerful enemy, so we need a powerful ally to overcome them. The good news is that there is someone who can help you overcome your fear. His name is Jesus Christ, God’s Son. He came into the world to free us from the things that hurt us. He came to deliver those who are held captive, even when the prison is made of fears. It is only when your mind clustered with negative thoughts that you can become really afraid of anything, but when you invite Jesus into your life, he will give you courage and confidence to have positive thoughts and face your fears.

Your fears are very real to you but they do not need to control your life. You can take back that control by allowing Jesus Christ to help you. Jesus understands our fears. He provided a solution, his friendship. When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, he agrees to guide us through life. He offers us a Comforter, the Holy Spirit and, he helps us to overcome fear by allowing us to experience his perfect love. Have you discovered how lonely you feel when you are fearful? Perfect love gets rid of fear, because fear involves punishment.

The person who lives in fear doesn’t have perfect love. Because Jesus loves us, we can defeat the fears in our lives; we can overcome the feelings of fear with a sense of his love. For you to overcome your fear you need to consult Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, there will guide you and give you the spiritual and mental power to overcome all your fears. Fear is not a physical problem, it is a spiritual, mental and psychological problem and so you need to consult a spiritual being for help. But the finally answer to your problems is Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith.

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Believe in him no matter what, have patience for him to manifest his love in your life and allow love to lead your life. When your mind is filled with love you can never feel any fear clustering in your mind. You must have a purpose in life and that purpose will enable you overcome your fears. And what is purpose? They are things we want to achieve in life. When you have a purpose in life and accept Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior, then you can never experience any grip of fear in your life.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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