How to Overcome Stage Fright

Do you normally suffer from stage fright whenever you are delivering speech in public? Do you want to learn the trick on how to fix this issue and improve your confidence? If your answer is yes, then continue reading because in this post I am going to share some important tricks on how to overcome stage fright. In this article you will learn how to get rid of stage fright and become more comfortable with audiences. You will also learn how to enrich your relationship with the people you are addressing.

To overcome stage fright, you need to be passionate with the topic you will be speaking on and also make sure it is a topic that will likely be of interest to listeners. When you are passionate with your topic and you have rehearsed your speech very well, I don’t think you will ever encounter any stage fright during your speech presentation. People suffer from stage fright due to the fact that they are not passionate with the topic they are speaking on or because they don’t have enough information, knowledge or idea about the topic they are speaking on.

When you are having stage fright your breath speeds up, your pulse races and your throat tightens as your palms sweat. You feel sick to your stomach, and when you speak, your hands and knees shake along with your voice. Stage fright have really deprived many people from succeeding and it is my pleasure to provide you with solutions to this problem

Stage fright is a common problem and many people experience it especially when they are delivering a speech presentation before audience or performing in front of others. The major cause of stage fright is the belief that people are paying more negative attention to you than they truly are. In this scenario, your body perceives actual danger from becoming the focus of others attention.

Stage fright is a normal occurrence and if it is not controlled or fixed it can affect your career and personal life. It can diminish your self-esteem and hold you back from taking on leadership roles at work and school. If you are having stage fright, it is very important you take control of it and fix it before it starts controlling you.

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In this post I will be sharing some important trick you need to apply during your speech presentation and this will help you to fix the issue of stage fright.

*One of the best tricks to overcome stage fright is to pretend you are excited and happy even if you are not excited naturally. To overcome stage fright you need to be in a happy mood. Feeling happy and excited will put your mind at ease and make you see your audience as friends. Always smile and let your audience see how enthusiastic and excited you are about yourself and the topic you are talking about. Feeling happy and enthusiastic will help you to avoid speech anxiety and enable you focus on your audience.

Feeling excited will provide a way for you to focus on your nervous energy and present it to yourself with a positive spin. After much research, it is believe this approach will be more effective to you than simply trying to calm yourself down. Exchanging your nervousness as excitement will help you to create a framework to manage your emotions.

*Another trick that will help you to overcome stage fright is to        prepare for the worse. Research has shown that the first five minutes of a presentation are the most stressful. However, knowing this can be a big advantage to you. When you are practicing your speech, make sure you think of what to say in the first five minutes of your presentation.

When it is time for presentation, tell yourself you just have to get through those first five minutes and believe you are fully prepared for the worst scenario. Knowing that your first five minutes will be difficult, will give you the confidence to step in front of the room and face the crowd and the funny thing is that you won’t even notice when those first five minutes get past. By that time you have already gain your confidence.

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*Another trick that will help you to overcome stage fright is to        visualize the worst outcome. It is believed that people who suffer from stage fright are always afraid and filled with fear. The best way to avoid this kind of mindset is to expect for the worst and visualize the worst outcome.

The best way to get rid of stage fright is to confront your fears and stop avoiding them. Avoiding fears only gives them more power. The best way to cope with your worries is to face them. Try and allow yourself to visualize everything you are worried about and confront them.

Another way to add some engagement in your public presentation is to add funny joke to make the audience laugh. This will give you self confidence and make your audience to pay more attention to you. To avoid stage fright, you need to rehearse your presentation very well and this will help you to begin your presentation with confidence.

*Another trick that will help you to overcome stage fright is to         improve your relationship with yourself. The cause of stage fright can be due to a variety of personality traits, such as low self esteem, nervousness and fear of failure. People who need others to liked them or who fears being vulnerable are more likely to suffer performance anxiety during speech presentation.

One of the key to overcome stage fright is to develop self-awareness, self-compassion and self-confidence in yourself. Clarifying the underlying factors of your own personal fear will help you avoid putting so much pressure on yourself during your speech presentation. If you follow the steps I have stipulated above you will be able to overcome stage fright.

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Wow guys! We are done with the various ways on how to overcome stage fright. With this information I sincerely believe that you have learnt how to overcome stage fright. If you know of any other ways to overcome stage fright, your comment is highly appreciated. If you love this post please take few minutes and share it to your social media accounts.

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