How to Stop Procrastination

Do you normally procrastinate? Do you fail to do what you have set out to do? Do you fail to accomplish your goal? Do you want to learn how to stop procrastination? If your answer is yes, then continue reading because in this article I am going to guide you on the various steps you need to take in other to stop procrastination. If you are the type of person who keeps saying I will do this tomorrow and when tomorrow comes you will say I will do it next tomorrow and finally at the end you won’t do anything, if you are that kind of person, that means you are suffering from procrastination and you need help. However, this article will provide that help for you.

Procrastination has become a habit for most people and instead of doing their work to become more productive, they are busy fiddling with miscellaneous things which will not add value to their life. Instead of working on achieving daily business goals most people are wasting most of their time checking email, visiting social media, watching videos, surfing blogs and forums, amongst others. When you know you should be working or solving problems, you are busy doing unnecessary things that add no value to your life. You know you should be working, but you just don’t feel like doing anything, instead you feel like playing video games, watching football matches and movies. If you indulge in this kind of activities, then you are suffering from procrastination.

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The reason why so many people are not successful today is because of procrastination. When you procrastinate, you squander away the free time God has given to you and put off important tasks which you should be doing until it becomes too late.  And when it becomes too late, you panic and wish you had started earlier. Many people who procrastinate a lot are always people who are filled with regrets in life. When the smart people are busy achieving business goals, they are busy playing video games, chatting on social media and watching movies. After five years they will start regretting their actions. Delaying, putting off things, slacking, hiding from work, facing work only when it is unavoidable, then repeating this loop all over again is a bad habit that eats people away and prevents them from achieving greater results in life.

If you really want to be successful in life, don’t let procrastination take over your life. Instead, learn to set goals for yourself and try as much as possible to achieve those goals. If you are the kind of person that has been facing procrastination for so long pleased read this article till the end, because I am going to provide you with solutions on how to stop procrastination so as to live a happy and productive life and free yourself from future regrets.

So not to waste much of your time I have outlined several steps you need to take in other overcome procrastination and achieve great success in life. The steps on how to stop procrastination are as follows;

*The first step on how to stop procrastination is to break your daily work into steps. The reason why most people procrastinate is because they find the work too overwhelming to achieve. However, breaking it down into little parts and then focus on one part at a time will enable you to achieve your desire result and goal. If you still procrastinate on the task after breaking it down, then break it down even further. When you do this, your task will become so simple that you will be wondering how you were able to accomplish such task.

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*The second step on how to stop procrastination is to change your environment. Sometimes environment affects our psychological state of mind. If you live in an environment where people are always watching football match, it is likely you may be tempted to join them in watching the football match instead of working on your daily goals. It may interest you to know that Different environments have different impact on our productivity. If you look at your office desk and your bed room, you will see that they are a bit different.

The question you need to ask yourself is, do they make you want to work or do they make you want to sleep? If you can answer the question very well, then you will be able to stop procrastination. If you can’t answer the question, then I will help you to answer it. The best place to choose to work is your office desk. The reason is because, when you are in the office, you will feel comfortable to accomplish your goals without any distractions or disturbances. But when you are in your bed room working, you will feel too comfortable and may even lose inspiration to work.

When you are in your bedroom your kids may distract you and your spouse may distract you. The most tempting part of it is that you will feel too comfortable and may even feel like sleeping, because your bed will be starring at you and telling you “hey come on, it is time to rest”. One thing to note is that an environment that makes us feel inspired before may lose its effect after a period of time and if that is the case, then it is time to change things around.

*The third step on how to stop procrastination is to create a detailed timeline on what to accomplish on a daily basis with specific deadlines. Having no deadline for your work is like an invitation to procrastination. That is because we get the impression that we have enough time and keep pushing everything backward until it becomes too late.

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The best thing to do is to break down your project and then create an overall timeline with specific deadlines for each small task you will take. By doing this, you will know you have to finish each task by a certain date. If you don’t finish the task today as stipulated in your timeline, it is going to jeopardize everything else you have planned and this will creates the urgency to act fast and work on your daily goals. Your goals needs to be broken down into monthly, weekly and daily depending on how fast you want to achieve that goals.

*The fourth step on how to stop procrastination is to hang out with people who inspire you to take action on a daily basis. I am very sure if you spend just about 20 minutes talking to Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Osteen or Nick Vujicic, you will be more inspired to act and achieve the goals you set out for yourself. The people we spend most of our time with influence our behaviors and contribute to our success in life. You will believe with me that spending time with successful people will help you to be successful. If you hang out with a poor man you will remain poor but if you hang out with a rich man you will become rich.

Spending time with Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg every day will inspire you to want to be like them. Identify the people, friends or colleagues who trigger you and inspire you to aim higher in life and hang out with them more often. Soon you will inculcate their drive and spirit too. That is the secret to success. If you research very well you will see that Tony Robbins hanged out with Jim Rohn and became successful. So if you want to stop procrastination, my best advice to you is to hang out with people who have achieved success in life and when you are with them, you will be inspired to do everything within your means to be like them.

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*The fifth step on how to stop procrastination is to tell others about your goals. Tell all your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members about your projects and goals in life. Your friends, close acquaintances and family members will encourage you to work on your projects and goals and achieve them. And whenever you see them, they are bound to ask you about the status on those projects and goals you set out for yourself.

*The sixth step on how to stop procrastination is to seek out someone who has already achieved the success you are aiming at. In this step you have to ask yourself question like what is it I want to accomplish in life and who are those people that have accomplished this already? Go out and seek out for them and connect with them. When you connect with them, they will give you secret tips that you will use to achieve the same amount of success they have achieved in life.

*The seventh and final step on how to stop procrastination is to re-clarify your goals. If you have been procrastinating for a long period of time, then it might be a misalignment between what you want and what you are currently doing. The best thing to do in this scenario is to take a short vacation or weekend break and take some time to regroup yourself.

When you are alone ask yourself questions like what exactly do you want to achieve? What should you do to get there? What are the steps to take? Does your current work align with that? If not, what can you do about it? The answers to these questions will help you to re-clarify your goals and work towards achieving them. When you follow all the steps I have stipulated in this article it will enable you to stop procrastination.

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Wow guys! We are done with the various ways on how to stop procrastination. With this information I sincerely believe that you have learnt how to stop procrastination. If you know of any other ways on how to stop procrastination, your comment is highly appreciated. If you love this post please take few minutes and share it to your social media accounts.

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