Hushpuppi Has Been Accused By His Babymama For Ignoring His Son

It appears the fight between Hushpuppi, his alleged babymama and his once close friend Mompha has taken a new turn. After Mompha revealed that Hushpuppi had a 4 year old son whom he has abandoned, the mother of the child who goes by the name @Shobabybeauty on Instagram has revealed more details about her relationship with Hushpuppi.

She accused Hushpuppi for spending recklessly on Gucci, Versace and expensive designer item but never on his son. According to her, she had a conversation with Hushpuppi were he labeled her a nobody and she is hell bent on making him regret his statement.

She added that her current husband is not stopping Hushpuppi from having a relationship with his son but it sickens her to see him spending so much on designer items. However Hushpuppi is yet to respond to this latest accusation.

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