Internet Billionaire Hushpuppi Explains Why He Cut Off His Baby Mama

Internet billionaire Hushpuppi has responded to his baby mama latest accusation. Hushpuppi has denied reports that he has abandoned his son. He revealed that the boy’s mother often diverts funds meant for his upkeeps. And for that reason he decided to cut off from his baby mama. However, the baby mama had stated that she is really disappointed that Hushpuppi will rather spend money on designer items other than on his son.

The self proclaimed internet billionaire has come out publicly to deny all claims made by his baby mama. Hushpuppi took to his snapchat account to reveal that he cut off his baby mama because she kept diverting money meant for his son’s upkeep to herself. He then shared receipts on snap chat that shows he takes care of his other child.

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