I Am Proud To Be Her Father – White Man Reacts To His Black Daughter

A white man has caused a controversy on social media as he openly proud about her black daughter who is dancing in her school uniform. According to our reliable source, the proud father said his daughter is the only black girl in her dance school, and that he is always standing out for different reasons.

According to his words; “My daughter always stands out. I am proud to be her daddy.” The white man stated.

Meanwhile, the Oyinbo man’s black daughter is seeing in the picture dancing in her school uniform. Indeed, if an Oyinbo man can be so proud of her black daughter, why are the black Africans ashamed of their color and want to bleach their skin in order to become white people. I think we black Africans should promote our culture, colour and languages wherever we find ourselves.

Austine Ikeru
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