Ice Prince Tells AU to Merge Nigeria and Ghana as One Country

Famous Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince has called on the African Union (AU) to merge Nigeria and Ghana into one country. The popular rapper, on his Twitter page, suggested that the merged country should be called ‘NigGha’. He tweeted that the African Union should please take his advice and that it is time to make Nigeria and Ghana one country for real.

However, it is unclear what prompted his suggestion, but the rapper stirred reactions on social media following his suggestion. Some Nigerians and Ghanaians rejected the idea.

Here are some comments by Nigerians and Ghanaians on Twitter:

@Frimpong “No thank you Ice Prince. We don’t want to inherit Nigeria’s power crisis and corruption.”

@EfyaBaron “Never say anything like this again…How is this possible? Deal with Nigeria’s fraud and Electricity problem first and not forgetting your unbearable Jollof.”

@Thatgirldeyo “Ice! We have ECOWAS. That’s enough. ”

@Benedictngwu “Go and sleep, man. Nigeria never sort dia own issue finish na to carry another country join.”

@Tonyeli43 “Leaders of both countries are too corrupt tho its a wild idea.”

@Uryahdesignzng “This suggestion will lead to another civil war, for Nigeria has not yet settled disputes between tribes of her own talk more of two different countries(preposterous) I don’t think it will pull off.”

@Dayo_candy “Nigeria has had. Enough problems oh, colliding with GH is like adding problems to your problems, we are human not machine, every single being has different thought (Good & Bad)

“But the bad side we see every time, hate will rise if joined Let’s remain Nigeria and Ghana.”

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