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Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, the international Nigerian writer and author was born on 15th of February, 1995 in Ochadamu, Ofu Local Government of Kogi State, Nigeria. He is the eldest of eight children – four boys and four girls. His father, Elder Dr. Idegu Alhaji Solomon is a lecturer in the Department of English and Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Federal University, Adankolo, Lokoja, Nigeria, and his mother, Deaconess Idegu Afor Dorathy, is a full time business woman.

He attended primary school, Ojuwo, Onicha-Igo. He proceeded to secondary school in 2007. After he completed his secondary education in two great schools: Ochaja Boys Science Secondary School, Ochaja (OBSSS) and Community Secondary School, Onicha-Igo (CSSO), he proceeded to study English Education, in the Department of Arts Education, Faculty of Education, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Nigeria.


Shadrach is from a middle-class family but he suffered a lot in pursuit of his purpose simply for not having similar dream with his family, relatives and friends. To some length, some of his friends and relatives mocked him and set distance with him.

He travelled extensively in his country and other countries simply to see how to discharge his purpose to meet the world’s demands and all citizens of the world. One of his remarkable tours to Ghana to meet some great people including, the Ghana overall head pastor of Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Eugene Kwame Anim has helped him gain extra courage to discharge his purpose and he called the tour, “The Glorious Tour”. Moreover, he met Mr. Segun Durowaiye (KOS) in Lagos and discussed with him extensively to get help but do not command good attention. In relating matters to one of his friends, he was directed to meet Pastor Dr. Tunde Jesusina, a medical director, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State for the same mission, but, the movement was not equally satisfied.

He began to write at the age of 17, he began to publish at the age of 22 and his books began to sell at the age of 23. He has over 50 books published by the same publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform and Kindle Direct Publishing (The Amazon Publishing Companies). In addition to his writing, his political articles that have been published by one of the Nigeria’s leading Newspapers has earmarked his readiness to have huge room to positively invest in the citizens’ lives and future.

He created a book series called, “The Apprehensive” so as to use the series to update the world on his subsequent and latest release of books. He also created a series called “The Works of Shadrachology” to update the world about his new updates on his subject called, “Shadrachology”.

Presently, his books have received global market and to the advantage of his contributions to humanity through writing of books and that are changing lives for better, some reputable publishing companies across the globe have taking his books into sale. In addition, due to his global celebration, some of his books have been translated to some international languages to meet the demand of all.



Shadrachology   (2017)

Ideguology  (2019)

Ojonugwaology  (2019)

Aruwaology  (2020)


Discourse Analysis of Literature Genres  (2018)

The Concepts  (2019)

The Advanced Concepts  (2020)

The Selected Scientific Theories 1  (2020)


Poverty and Other Poems  (2017)

The World of Trouble and Other Poems  (2017)

Agent of Embezzlement and Other Poems  (2017)

My Result (2017)

My Experience  (2019)

A Day and Other Poems (2017)

Death and Other Poems  (2018)

The Consultant  (2020)

Laughter   (2020)

The Foundation (2020)


A Successful Family  (2017)

Unexpected  (2017)

A Choice  (2017)

Stubborn Uncle  (2018)

Divine Direction  (2017)

The Stakeholder (2020)


A Great Stranger  (2017)

Unexpected Change (2018)

Friendshiphood   (2020)

The Revolution  (2021)


The Childhood Colour and Other Short Stories  (2018)

The Pride of A Family and Policy Reputation  (2018)

The Show  (2020)

The Voice Around  (2020)


The Look  (2020)

The Pointer  (2020)


Medicine for Stubbornness and The Return of Tradition  (2019)

The Recalcitrant Pupil and The United  (2017)

The Era  (2021)


Letter to my Father  (2019)

Letter to my Concerns (2020)

Constitution of Shadrach Group  (2019)

The Handbook of The Gracious Farm  (2020)

My Empire  (2020)

Subject Series

The Works of Shadrachology  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 2  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 3  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 4  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 5  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 6  (2019)

The Works of Shadrachology 7  (2020)

The Works of Shadrachology 8  (2020)

The Works of Shadrachology 9   (2021)

Literary Series

The Apprehensive: The Gain (Poetry)  (2019)

The Apprehensive: The Nation (Poetry)  (2019)

The Apprehensive: The Humanity (Poetry)  (2019)

The Apprehensive: The Reminder (Novella)  (2019)

The Apprehensive: An Appointed Throne (Play)  (2019)

The Apprehensive: The Renaissance   (Play)   (2020)


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