If You Have Opportunity To Leave Nigeria Do So Now – Says Joe Abah

Dr Joe Abah, former Director-General of the Bureau of Public Sector Reform, BPSR, has counseled young Nigerians to leave the country if they have the opportunity. Dr Joe Abah in a tweeted message shared how the United Kingdom where he once relocated to immediately showed him a clear-cut path to career growth and self-accomplishment, saying the Nigerian system does not provide youths with similar path.

He tweeted; “Moving abroad the 1st time, I didn’t watch any in-flight movie. My eyes were firmly on the flight display. As soon as we left Nigeria, I made the sign of the Cross. When we left Africa, I whispered “Alleluia! If this plane does emergency landing now, it won’t be in Africa sha!”

The Institutional Reform and Public Policy expert continued, “It’s true that when I got to the UK for the first time, my thought was “Is this all?” However, I could see a clear path to how I could own a car, buy a house and build a career. I couldn’t see that path as a young man in Nigeria. I still don’t see it for many young Nigerians now.

“In your youth, you should japa if you want to and if you have an opportunity to do so. Get the basics, like a car, a house, a 90-inch TV and a bad sound system. Build your CV there and show them you are a determined Naija person. If, later, you want to come back, it will be by choice.”

Dr Joe Abah advice generated mixed reactions from a group of Nigerians who key into his advice and those against it.

Reacting to his post, an online user who goes by @BabyfaceUS tweeted; “Doc, I appreciate your courage to say this but I am against the encouragement of brain drain. Traveling should be part of education and not a path to career success. This place is our own irrespective of the bad leadership. We must put hands together to rebuild it.

Another online user by the name @agbrokonero tweeted; “When they fail to roll up their sleeve and work, they blame others for their failures. Abroad doesn’t give equal opportunity that is why there are homeless people and poor people there too. Anywhere you find yourself, you need to work smart and hard.”

Countering @agbrokonero tweet, another online user by the name @RejoiceAsa1 tweeted; “How does one work hard and smart with a system that is designed and operated with the intent to make one fail? I would rather save that energy and work hard and smart in a country that endorses my dreams.”

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