Ikonso Was Betrayed By His Own People, They Gave His Details To Security Forces

It is no longer news to hear the story of a fighter who was killed while fighting for the right and freedom of his own people. It is commonly said that wonders shall never end as the same people the fighter was fighting for were actually the ones that betrayed him. This is the story of a notable IPOB ESN commandant, Ikonso, whose story is a fascinating one. This young fighter was killed by the Nigerian police after they engage in a long gun battle in Orlu, Imo state, yesterday.

And after Ikonso death was declared, numerous members of IPOB didn’t accept the fact that the well-known IPOB commander had been slaughtered by the Nigerian security forces. IPOB members emphatically accepted that Ikonso was deceived by those he was fighting for their freedom. These IPOB supporters accept that Ikonso information was given to security officer by a member of the region he is protecting from Fulani Herdsmen and bandits. However, IPOB members have vow and committed to revenge his death.

While some people believe that, Ikonso caused his own death, some people contemplated that the well-known IPOB commander wouldn’t have died if he had listen to the good advice and had joined Ebubeagu security network rather than Nnamdi Kanu Eastern Security Network (ESN).

And now, a young Igbo man by the name Emeka Chukwudi is officially revealed that Ikonso was betrayed by the same people he vows to protect. As indicated by the Igbo man, Ikonso was sold out by the Igbos he was fighting for their freedom and to shield them from intruders. According to the Igbo man, he revealed that some members from his community gave out his information to security officers who trapped and later killed him while he was trying to safeguard his father’s land from Fulani herdsmen and bandits.

Below is the screenshot of Emeka Chukwudi statement which he published on Eagles Eye Report and it reads;

“Ikonso Don was a well known hardcore IPOB member before he joined ESN and emerged a commander. He was killed yesterday when he surfaced at Umuoma alongside other ESN to defend the land from Fulani invaders. He was ambushed and killed after the same Igbos he was fighting for gave out his details to the security forces. Ikonso was betrayed by his own people.”

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