Invest in your Skills and Talents [Inspiring Story]

Larry was the only son of his family from a poor Family while his best friend James was also from a poor family too, they both had they secondary Education in the same school, after they secondary education, Larry refuse to go further knowing full well of the high rate of unemployment in the country and decided to channel his talent and become self employed, but his parents were against it and refuse saying they can’t allow that, stating that they want him to graduate and become an accountant in the bank.

James his best friend advised him to further that tertiary Education will fetch him good job and change his life and that of his family. He pleaded with his family to understand with him but none of them saw reason with him. So he started thinking what to do.

Two weeks later James entered the University to Study Law while Larry was still rooming around the street and singing, so he called his parents one day and ask them to lend him #500,000 to record his first album, his parents refused saying that they can’t waste they hard earn money on a twisted talent and urge him to go and write jamb and enter the university but he refused. They discussion end in argument and he left the house and started crying because Music was his talent and he really wants to explore it.

After the first semester James visited him and convince him to come and join him in school and further his education, he told him that school is good, but is not a guarantee for success, he further told him that success is what you make out from yourself, when Larry could not convince him he left him.

Larry went the second time and pleaded with his parents to sell they only land so that he with a slip jubilating he can use it to record his first song in the studio since he has no money and nowhere to borrow money from, because he knew that to get money from neighbor is very difficult since nobody is ready to help.

He went to his rich uncle and pleaded with him to lend him money to record his song, his uncle told him that some of this artist are wayward and advise him to follow his parent advise and go to school, that he can only give him money to further his education but he cannot give him money to record some sort of music.

After pleading with his uncle and found no success he left him and went to see his Aunt and pleaded with her to lend him money that he has talent in music as a singing and wants to explore his talent to the world, his Aunt refuse and told him to go and register for Jamb, but he said he can’t do that, explaining to his Aunt that school can wait for now until he explore his talent stating that how many graduates are successful and living happily, must graduates are gateman, keke, lorry drivers, danfo drivers and carpenters. He told his Aunt that he has sought help from his Parents and Uncle but none of them are willing to help him, he told her that he has talent and his problem is money to start from somewhere but his Aunt refuse stating that she can’t give him money for music unless he is ready to go to school.

Few weeks later he went home and started thinking what to do, finally he concluded that he now have a plan and let’s see if the plan will work out for him.

He went to his Parents and told them that he has agreed to go to school, his parents where really happy and decided to sell their only land just to send him to school, they sold the land at the rate of 1milion and kept it in the bank that anything he need money they will withdraw it and sent to him.

Larry went and told his friend James that he will be joining him in the university but he won’t attend the same university with him because he doesn’t want him to spoil his plan or put sand in his garri, two days later Larry told his parent to give him #5000 to go and apply for Jamb which they gave to him, he pretended that he has written the Exam, few days later he went to a web designer in a business center and their designed and drafted a jamb result slip for him. He waited till when they will announce that result is out and ran to his parent with a slip jubilating that he had passed jamb exam and had been admitted to the University of Lagos to Study Business Management.

His parent were really happy for him, they withdraw everything there had and gave to him; he went to the bank and saved the money in his bank account.

Few days later he took his bag and luggage’s that he is on his way to school, his parents where really proud of him and showered prayers on him unknowingly to them that he was just taking advantage of their ignorant.

Larry was a dedicated and focus young man who believes on his dreams, vision, ambitions and goal in life. He went to Lagos and rented a small room. He was new in town and had no friends to mingle with or relate with. So he went and records his first song at local studio in Ajegunle with #5000. Just like an adage which says that good food attracts customers, Larry was a Sensational singer who always attributes his life experience and predicaments to his song, couple with his angelic romantic voice.

It was really amazing that he could record a song in Lagos with just #5000 while there are other artists who record their songs with #100,000 yet they song has no rich content. But Larry case was different his song was supered. The producer was a talented upcoming music producer whose talent hasn’t been exposed to the world.

He called his parents often to know how they are doing; he always sent them copies of fake school fees receipts and some academic credentials just to pretend to them that he was really schooling whereas he was building his career in Lagos.

To cut the story short. After 3years of hustling in Lagos Larry was able to record 12 tracks and later made his first debut album. The album was really a success; it was lunch in Eko Hotel and Suite Victoria Island Lagos and many dignitaries where present in the occasion. Larry did something very great in the lunching, he did a live performance in which a beat was played by DJ and he made to use his sensational and astonishing life voice to get the crowd screaming. He went with his normal name Larry and decided not to choose any extra stage name other than his real name because he wants his parents and all who neglected him before to know him.

Larry automatically became a celebrity and was signed by one of Nigeria most popular Music Label, he did his first Video which was shot in South Africa, the video was directed by a Nigerian south Africa director, it was really interesting, beautiful picture quality, marvelous locations, beautiful models and great artistic performance where all credited to the video, it won a Grammy award as the best picture in Africa.

Larry was later invited by Heineken in United States to perform at the lunching of their new product. His travelling expenses were taken care of and he was lunched in a five star hotel in New York City.

After the warming performance Larry got more fans in the United States, Heineken paid $350,000 and he was automatically endorsed as a brand new ambassador of the brand.

Larry went home as a fulfilled young man, at the age of 23 years he has achieved his dreams. He sat down in his Luxurious Mansion in Banana Island Ikoyi, Lagos which he acquired for himself after his performance in United Kingdom where he was invited by the Queen to perform for her birthday.

Larry automatically became a role model and many young talents where aspiring to be like him.

Note, as all this success was going on Larry never told his parents and family anything, he just went silent and after four years he decided to pay them a visit and open the secret which he has hidden from his family for four years and ask for they forgiveness.

Larry, on his way back to his home town, bought a new Range Rover Sport car 2016 Model and inscripted LARRY BABY at the front of the Car.

When he got home, he found out that his parents and siblings are wandering in abject poverty and hunger, unable to go to school because of no money.

Larry was the only hope to liberate the family from poverty that is why Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Obi decided to sacrifice all that they had to send money to Larry for his tuition fees. When Larry drove in with his newly acquired range Rover Sport Car, his Mother saw him but could not recognized him because he look more handsome, putting on expensive clothes, and jewelries.

His mother came and said; Nna welcome please are you looking for somebody? Larry was silent and his eyes were filled with tears, looking at her Mother dressed in tattered clothes, the building was old and they was lines drawn which is a sign that the house might fall down anytime.

Larry who couldn’t control his emotions screamed loud; Mummy!!! Is me your son Larry, please forgive me mother for I have sin, I have done you and Daddy wrong. He rushes and hugs her Mother in tears. His mother was astonished, shock and surprise.

She cautions him to stop crying and come inside. When his father and siblings saw him they were surprised.

Larry sat all of them down and narrated everything that happened and how his deceived them into going to school whereas he went to pursue his music career. And today he is now a success, a brand ambassador of a foreign firm.

His father knelt down and gave praises and thanks to God for bringing his son back safely and for given him the wisdom to follow his dreams admits every obstacle and rejection.

Mr. Maxwell learnt the highest lesson of his life to allow Children to choose whatever career they want in life.

Larry took his whole family on a wonderful tribe to New York, United States and lavishes them with money and gifts. It was an unforgettable experience for Mr. na Mrs. Maxwell Obi. Larry later broke down they old house and built a four storey building for his parents, sent his two siblings to Oxford university to study and his youngest sister to the most expensive college in the Nigeria because he wants her to stay around and take care of the parent while he continue his global business of entertaining the world and building more fans.

At the age of 24 years old, Larry decided to earn himself a degree, so he went to California, United States and did a two years program on Entrepreneurship and graduate from university of California with distinction and this proved that he was indeed an intelligent young Man.

He became a hot cake for female fans all over the world, his popularity was unquestionable, but the question is who will he marry?

International Models and Exclusive Ladies admiring him, but Larry decided to choose his old school best friend, Deborah and Ordinary Diploma holder who live with his poor parents in Onitsha. Larry recalled how she has stood by him in times of difficulties, encouraged him to follow his dreams and never mid anybody.

Larry described Deborah as a true African Girl, and during an interview with BBC said it was Deborah who inspired him to become an Artist.

They both got married and the wedding was attended by dignitaries all over the world, top Celebrities, Models, Business Executives, Politicians and VIP’s were in attendance.

Larry finally fulfilled his dreams because he never gave up, he stood by his guns, he was dedicate, he had a clear vision, he was hungry to achieve success, he was hardworking, he was faithful to God and finally he was patient.

If you follow this attributes mentioned below in your chosen career I promise you your story will be like that of Larry if you believe.

His best Friend Larry eventually graduated did his NYSC and law school and was finally called to Bar.

Two days later he went and submitted an application to Federal High court in Abuja and after series of interview they told him we ave your number we will call you when we need you.

James waited for the call in one month but they was no call, he continue searching for job but could not find any.

He later decided to look for job in any angle, j=he went to Telecomm, Oil and gas, banks, Construction company, hotels, media houses etc. but they was no vacancy.

He search for job for three year after graduation from law school but all he only heard is; We have your contact we will call you, but till now he has not heard from any of them.

One day he sat down with his LLB certificate and started looking at it, he wanted to burn it out of frustration and annoyance but his spirit cautioned him.

After searching for Job for four years no improvement, he decided to try a secondary school not quite far from his house and he got a teaching job.

He was employed as English Language and Literature Teacher for a #25,000 monthly salary. James had no choice but to take the offer.

Now My Question

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