IPOB Raises The Alarm Over Alleged Plot To Eliminate Igbo Leaders

The Indigenous People of Bi­afra (IPOB) said it has uncov­ered plans by Nigerian security agencies to eliminate promi­nent Igbo people and blame it on Eastern Security Network (ESN) and IPOB. In a statement signed by the media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB warned prominent Igbo people, espe­cially politicians to be wary of security officers assigned to them.

The group swore that they will not kill their own. According to IPOB media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful; “ESN and IPOB has no plan to kill our own in Biafraland because we are going to get Biafra togeth­er. It profits us nothing to kill our own despite the treachery by some of them.

“Our people must be careful because Fulani terrorists in Nigeria army and police uni­forms are working tirelessly to ensure that Biafra business­men, women and politicians are killed in order to pitch Bi­afrans against themselves and ultimately take undue advan­tage of the confusion to keep us in bondage.

“But we are smarter than all of them put together. IPOB is raising this alarm for the wise to apply wisdom and avoid be­ing victims of this evil plot,” IPOB media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful stated.

The IPOB group further alleged that “secu­rity agencies have instructed their officers attached to the politicians to start gradual elimination of Biafrans who they were assigned to protect.”

They further alleged that more than 68 innocent citizens are detained at the State CID in Awka, Anambra State. The IPOB group lamented that the country cannot contain the activities of “unknown gunmen but has rather decided to blame ESN operatives and IPOB members instead of investigating to un­ravel the perpetrators.

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