Joe Igbokwe Has Accused ESN of Kidnapping His Cousin In Anambra

Joe Igbokwe has once again accused the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the armed wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of kidnapping his cousin in Lilu, Anambra state. He made it clear that Igbo land is in danger as he narrates the story of a man who encountered the ESN and IPOB Members, and how they kidnapped his cousin.

Joe Igbokwe revealed that the IPOB Members kidnapped the brother of a man and urged him to pay the sum of 200,000 Naira. Joe Igbokwe revealed this on his Facebook page on Thursday, Joe Igbokwe added that the news was reported on Vanguard.

According to Joe Igbokwe, he stated that the man received a call from his cousin who came back from Switzerland for a burial at Umuike, Nkpor on 26th of January 2022.

He added that his cousin made known to him that he was under the captivity of IPOB members and they also seized his SUV. The IPOB members told him that if he want to see his brother alive including his car, he should come with the sum of N200,000 to bail him.

They also warned him never to involve the Police. The man said he initially thought it was a prank until he received the same call again. When he consulted his brothers they warned him never to go. His friend, a DSS officer also warned him never to go.

After considering the fact that his Brother is in danger and needed to be saved, the man summoned courage and decided to take the bold step. He took his old Siena bus and zoomed off with the sum of N250,000 to rescue his brother that was in Danger.

He said he was driving and one bike man joined him when he reached St Joseph Onuselogu road. The bike man followed him till they reached Awka Etiti Section. They stopped at a certain filling station were the man brought out his phone and showed him his number, he admitted to be the owner.

There, the man asked him some questions to clarify whether he was the person that was coming to rescue his brother he responded positively. The man took him to a corner where he bought a drink and they both drank. After that, the man explained to him that his brother is safe.

In his analysis, the man added that they were forced to carry out the act because their Leader Nnamdi Kanu is in Prison and they have no means of funding their Security organization. The man gave him guidelines on how he will be able to enter their Camp without being prosecuted.

He told him to remove from his body anything that will vindicate him as a Nigerian and then use a green leaf to wave whenever he sees any of their members. The man added that the green leaf Signifies peace.

After their Discussions, the man took him with his own bike and they zoomed off. The next place he found himself was inside a bush located at Lilu. When they reached the area his brother was staying, the General officer commanding (GOC) came out and greeted him. He gave them the N200,000 and added the Sum of 20,000 for drinks. That was how his brother was saved, Joe Igbokwe narrated.

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