Kenneth Okonkwo Accuses INEC Of Manipulating 2023 Election For Tinubu

Nollywood actor and spokesperson of the Labour Party Kenneth Okonkwo has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of deliberately manipulating the outcome of the 2023 presidential election. According to Kenneth Okonkwo, it is unfortunate that INEC is trivializing its inability to transmit, transfer or upload the results of the 2023 presidential election to its IREV portal and server.

The Labour Party (LP) chieftain made the submission while reacting to the words of INEC spokesperson, Festus Okoye during a Channels TV interview on Thursday night in which he stated that Nigerians should not judge the commission’s performance in the 2023 polls simply based on the challenge experienced in the upload of the presidential election results to its viewing portal.

Festus Okoye added during the interview that political parties contesting the outcome of the 2023 election should not only rely on electronically uploaded results as they all had agents at the various polling units who supervised the process.

However, Kenneth Okonkwo vehemently disagreed with the submissions of Festus Okoye, stating that the views of the INEC spokesperson fall below expectations and confirm a deliberate attempt to manipulate the 2023 presidential election results.

According to his words; “I just finished watching Festus Okoye, INEC Commissioner for voter education, on Politics Today, at Channels TV, on Thursday the 29th day of June 2023, at 7pm, and the interview has reinforced the long-held conclusion that INEC manipulated the election to declare their preferred candidate in the presidential election.

“Firstly Lawyers are called “Learned” because they understand little of every discipline and researches where to get the answers to every question. This is why they can defend Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and others in court.

“It is amusing, four months after the presidential election, Festus Okoye confessed on public TV that he doesn’t know what caused the non-transmission or transfer or non-uploading of the presidential election results on IREV Portal and the Server because it was technical.

“Meanwhile, the same Festus Okoye, who has not been in the Presidential Election Petition Court, claimed that he knew what was going on in Court, while he doesn’t know what went wrong with transmission of results even when he was present in the situation room. Isn’t it a shame that Festus Okoye admitted they couldn’t transmit the presidential results on the IREV Portal and the Server.

According to Kenneth Okonkwo, Festus Okoye claimed that INEC supplied all documents and obeyed all the orders of the court, which was a lie. “INEC even openly told the court that some of the documents were not in existence. INEC even refused to accept the order from a court Baliff to foist on the Petitioners a faith accompli.

“It is unfortunate that in addition to the failure of INEC to do its duties in accordance with the law, Festus Okoye is lying on top of it. Festus Okoye revealed that the Adamawa REC may soon be charged to court, but till date nobody has been held responsible for not transmitting and uploading presidential results. “With incompetent and dishonest people like this in INEC, it will be difficult for us to make progress in Nigeria. If Adamawa REC is a demon, INEC leadership in Abuja are Devils,” Barr Kenneth Okonkwo reveals.

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