Killing Of Innocent People In South East Is Alarming – Nnamdi Kanu Lawyer Lament

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq, the lead counsel for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has responded to the threat of retaliation of Killings in the Southeast by the Coalition of Northern Groups and urged it to “note that the victims of these mindless bloody assaults are not limited to a particular ethnic group.

Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor issued the rejoinder on Wednesday after the Coalition of Northern Groups had on May 24 stated that it had “taken stock of events unfolding in South-East Nigeria, noting especially, the unrelenting attacks and killings of northerners passing through or residing among Igbo communities as minorities.”

Coalition of Northern Groups Spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman had accused the IPOB of causing insecurity in the area, maintaining that stakeholders are quiet about it.
He stated that henceforth the group will be forced to react to every provocation and unwarranted violation against Nigerians, particularly of northern extraction.

According to their words; “We are aware that the activities of the IPOB/ESN terror groups are supported morally and politically by the vast majority of the Igbo elites, politicians, traditional rulers, business persons, and the larger population of this ethnic group. It is also a situation that feeds on the docility of the affrighted section of those who pose as Northern leaders today,” the spokesman of Coalition of Northern Groups stated.

Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor agreed with the Coalition of Northern Groups that the killing of innocent people in the South-East is alarming, totally condemnable and unacceptable. However, he denied that IPOB is involved in the barbaric act.

The lawyer also stated that everyone including the group should avoid making comments that will throw the nation into further crisis.

His statement reads:


Recall my publication on Sunday, 22nd May 2022 via my certified Facebook page, where I alerted the public of the presence of strangers in our land, which has led to the new dimension of the insecurities in the South-East.

The recent spree of mindless and barbaric killings of innocent people in the South-East is alarming, totally condemnable and unacceptable.

Hence, I made a plea, and I quote:

“I therefore, strongly condemn in unmistaken terms, these dastardly acts in their entirety, and consequently, call on Security Agencies, and every Anambra citizens, to unite towards defending our land from these monsters desecrating it. These criminal elements, regardless of their ethnic affiliations, must be crushed. We must free our land from them.
The hour is here! My heart indeed bleeds!”

Please note that the victims of these mindless bloody assaults are not limited to a particular ethnic group, capable of warranting the present threats being dished out to the South-East.

Also, there is the need to stress the trajectory of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, which suggests that the culprits are not limited to people of a particular region (South-East). Other tribes like the Fulani herdsmen are equally on rampage in our region.

It is critical at this juncture, that security Agents are allowed to carry out a thorough investigation into these barbaric acts. Hence, people should refrain from making pronouncements capable of heating up the already volatile polity that could ultimately promote the vice, which the ordinary intent of the pronouncement is set out to cure.

As the Lead Counsel for the IPOB and on behalf of my client, Mazi Nnamdi, I wish to reiterate that the IPOB leadership have never supported the nefarious activities of these enemies of our people, neither have they, in any of their publication approved such inhuman and barbaric activities of these criminals.

The IPOB remains a lawful and peaceful movement. We therefore, call on every well meaning person to join hands in helping to fight and flush out insurgency in the South-East. Our deepest condolences goes out to the families of all those who have lost their loved ones as a result of these mayhem in the South-East.

Please be assured that no stone will be left unturned, towards ensuring that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to book.

Thank you all.

Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq
IPOB’s Lead Counsel.

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