Lai Mohammed Attack Nnamdi Kanu IPOB And Calls ESN A Bandit

There are so many security challenges that the Government and her citizens are currently facing in the Country. From Boko Haram, to kidnappers, to Bandits and Fulani herdsmen. And as a result of all these security challenges, some part of the Country decided to come up with their own security agencies.

They South West came up with Amotekun, while the South Easterners (IPOB) came up with Eastern Security Network. The Federal Government doesn’t recognize Eastern Security Network, and as a result of that, they are considered to be outlaws according to Buhari government.

However, today, the minister of Information and Culture Lia Mohammed had an interview with AIT. In that Interview, he talked about the current security situation of the country, and also compared it with the previous administration. According to what the minister said, he informed Nigerians that the current security situation is better than the previous administration. He also talked about IPOB Eastern Security Network and Bandits, and compared the both of them together.

The minister talked about the difference between IPOB Eastern Security Network and Bandits, and why IPOB Eastern Security Network is more dangerous than bandits. According to what the Minister said, he stated that IPOB have been proscribe (that is, they have been ban from Nigeria) by the Government. And that IPOB does not recognize the State Nigeria, and also don’t recognize the Sovereignty of the nation. He further stated that, IPOB are against Nigeria, and they even went on to create their own Security Team.

Lia Mohammed further stated that, Bandits are not like IPOB, because Bandits doesn’t threaten the Sovereignty of the Country. He considered Bandits as Armed Robbers, because they do the same thing that Armed Robbers does, but they are Super Armed Robbers. And also, there is no part of the world that Bandits have been proscribed (that’s considered as outlaws). And that IPOB shouldn’t be compared to be in the same category with Bandits.


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