Learn To Be Patience, Desperation Kill Faster!! [Inspiring Story]

My name is Austine Nonso Ilodinibe from Orsumoghu in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria, Africa. I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. I am humble, friendly, loyal, and generous, open minded, discipline, strict, tolerant and obedient. I hate lies and detest them so much. I am a motivational speaker, I encourage people towards achieving their dreams, to live up to their expectation, believe in themselves and actualize their dreams.. 

I am a Blogger, a YouTuber, an Entrepreneur, a Nollywood Actor, an Independent Movie Producer and an Editor in the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood). The main aim of this post is to inspire and motivate people towards actualizing their dreams. Believe in yourself and never give up, always do what you love doing and don’t be desperate to make quick money because when you become desperate you will definitely fall in the hands of the wrong people who will take advantage of your psychological state of mind.

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Let me tell you what desperation has done to me and if proper care is not taken it might eventually happen to anyone, if only you step back and plan for your future you might not be able to escape it, let me tell you a little about my life, my story and my humble beginning.

I was born and raised in Cross River State, after my primary and secondary school, I wrote JAMB and unfortunately score 184 while the school I applied for minimum cut-up marks was 200, I was really desperate because I really wanted to go to school, so I went to the admin office in my faculty who encouraged me to resit for another JAMB and wait patiently that things might turn around for good.

Though I planned to stick to her advice but due to desperation I couldn’t, I was really desperate to go to school, so I ignore her advice, and went to see my Head of Department because he was someone I know personally, he gave me the same advice stating that, this is a university you can’t just get admitted through back door, because things might change and you never know what the repercussion might be.

After meeting him and found no positive result from him, I left him and met one third year student in Political Science, I told him my problem and he introduced me to a politician who is a member of Enugu State House of Assembly as of then, he gave me his number, and told me to do whatever he ask me to do that he will help me gain admission forcefully into Law faculty in Enugu State University of Science and Technology because that was my dream course and the man has connection. I thanked him so much and gave him some little money to keep as sign of gratitude and appreciation for his assistant.

The next day I headed to Okpara Square in Independent layout Enugu in search of this politician when I got to State House of Assembly, the building was so big and I knew there is no way I could see him so I dial his number and he picked it after three miss calls,  I explain my plight to him, and he gave me directions where to meet with him so I did as he instructed and when we met I explained everything to him, and he saw how desperate I was to gain admission into law faculty, because since my days in secondary school it has been my dream to study law, that is why all my friends gave me a nick name “THE YOUNG BARRISTER” so he went into his car and brought out a lists, maybe he knew my psychological state of mind and decided to use it against me, he open the list and showed me the names of the newly admitted candidates in  law faculty in ESUT and stated that he was about to give the lists to his typist to type it and then forward it to the Registrar of the University, I was really sweating when I saw the list because I really wish my name to be in that lists.

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So he told me that I will pay #50,000 cash before he will include my name in the lists. unfortunately, I had no money with me, so I had to travel back to Calabar from Enugu and came back the next day with the said money that my Dad worked so hard to save for the family upkeep, I gave the money to him and he included my name in the lists and told me to check the admission notice board or website in Law faculty ESUT and that I will see my name there in two weeks time.

Two weeks later I went to admission notice board and couldn’t find my name, I called him and he said I should check back in another two weeks time, unfortunately time fly as usual and it is two weeks, I went again to the admission notice and couldn’t find my name, I called him and he told me to wait for another two weeks and check again, these time I saw that the last batch has been released and the last post there was; “If your name is not here then you are not admitted into Enugu State University of Science and Technology”. I became disturbed in heart, I called the man 40 times and he bluntly refuse to pick my calls, later his line was switch off, ladies and gentleman till date that man line is still switch off after 7 years his line is still switch off.

When I called and couldn’t get him I became worried, I cried and started thinking what to tell my dad when I get home, a lady saw me and I explained everything to her, she felt sorry for me because at that time I lost my transport money which was #8,000 and was really stranded, the lady gave me #5000 and told me to mange it, I thanked her and left with a broken heart, I went straight to Old Park in Enugu and boarded Peace mass Transit straight to Calabar in Cross River State.

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When I got Home my Dad ask me how it went but I was speechless, when I wanted to tell him what happened I burst into tears, my Dad was an understandable man, he knew my problem was psychological and so he advised me, motivated me and told me to believe in myself, trust nobody but only almighty God, never rush at things, be determined and focus, and that I should get up and continue my journey anytime I fall down.

I absolved his advise and put it into practice, one month later a friend of mind told me that he wants to apply for pre-remedial program in Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, I joined him and three months later in the course of the remedial program another friend of mine told me that Enugu State University of Science and Technology have finally release their final supplementary list of admission to those who score above 180 in JAMB but unfortunately they were changed to another department.

My close friend advised me to go and check my name but I bluntly refused stating firmly that I wasn’t admitted, later I decided to check and found out that I was admitted into Mass Communication Department in Enugu State University of Science and Technology, I was really happy because Mass Communication and Law are inter-related and I had to quit the remedial program in Ebonyi State and rush to Enugu for my registration.

I had my wonderful time in Mass Communication Department in ESUT and derived pleasure in writing, I have written two Novels and many movie scripts, I later gain experience in movie production and decided to visualize my creativity. I went into Movie production in 2010 and have produced few documentaries.

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Four years later in my Final year in Enugu State University studying Mass Communication, that was in 2011 our Vice Chancellor was removed from office by the State governor with the allegation of corruption and mismanagement. Few weeks later we had a new Vice Chancellor in the person of Prof. Cyprian Onyeji, a professor of Medicine.

In the process of checking and cross checking the admission files he found out that 55% out of the students in the University gain admission through back door (that is bribery and corruption). He called for senate meeting and the issue was deliberated for four solid months, after four months of deliberation the University Senate agreed that those with fake admission starting from my set which is 2008 set will be expel permanently from the University, a week later names came out and it was pasted in the school notice board, when I checked I found out that 589 students including those in final year have been expel from the University on the ground of fake admission. I knelt down and prayed to God before checking mine, after my prayer I went back to the notice board and cross check the whole list again but could not find my name in the list then I knew my admission was genuine and it was given to me by God almighty, though some of my friends were expelled. 

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So I ask you, if after spending four solid years in the university, with all the suffering, hard work, pain, agony and at the eve of graduating your name comes out that you have been expelled from the University, What will you do?

Patience is the key to success, don’t be in a haste, don’t be desperate of something, believe in yourself, pray to God and the Sky shall be your limit. But because of persistence, perseverance, determination and faith in God I was able to fulfill my dreams. Be patience and remain positive in all that you do. If you like this post you can always share them on your Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your thought and opinion on the comment box.

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