What Does Life Really Worth? [Inspiring Story]

In this life many teens ask a question; what does life really worth? This question has stolen on many researchers who have stumbled so hard to get credible answer to this question. One of our researcher today is a young girl, by the name Albright (Pictured above) who strongly believe she has gotten a perfect way to address this issues and I hope you will bear with her patiently as she unravel this mystery.

First let me start with a brief introduction of myself, my name is Albright Ndaeyo, I am from Akwa Ibom State in the Southern part of Nigeria. I am 16 years old and also an SS2 student of Jeed Trinity College Lagos, presently residing in Lagos with my family. I am friendly, humble and respectful and I must say I am an aspiring inspirational writer, and I hope after going through this post your comments will motivate me to do more.

Today, in the world we live in, we are faced with many challenges but the most difficult challenge is how to cope with life’s challenge. People today feel they are going in a right way but later discover that what life has in store for them is otherwise. As a young person, life gives us a gradual test for it to manifest on how we will be able to stand on our ground to face it.

There are many dilemmas going on in the world today but what we will be focusing on is the area of “Dating” (Dating can be refer to as a sexual relationship between a boy and a girl). Dating today is a common thing in the world but many has accompanied it with influences of the flesh such as immorality, which is wrong and that is the reason why so many people get heartbroken on a daily basis. This has become a thing of pleasure and excitement among teens today and that is the one area we are going to be treating.

I will give you an interesting key-line that will help you embark on the race for good life. I will also lay out more marvelous ways to embark on the quest for good life. I will be telling you a little about myself and how I have been able to cope with life and critics as a teen. So, my beloved readers I encourage you to enjoy your reading and allow this content to enable you re-create your deep will to go on in life with the stupendous attitude you display to bring favor to your heavenly father, your parents, to the society at large and especially to yourself and just then you can proudly say to yourself “Right from my teen years down to my adult hood, I have finally become a person I ought to be”. So let’s start with life and this bring me to the question; what does life really worth? What is life?

The oxford advance learner’s dictionary defines life as the ability to breath, grow and produce. Yet a great question comes to mind, is life all about being able to breath, grow or produce? The answer is no! Looking at life at the teenage point of view, many teens today are all fooled by a dilemma that life is all about having fun, dating, romance, clubbing and sex.

Many guys fool teen girls to day into making them believe that they are in love with them and are ready to be in a relationship. Many teen guys believe that life is all about drinking to stupor, consuming 10 bottles of alcohol, flirting with girls and having sex with girls just to make one happy.

Teen guys these days convinces and fool young girls into making them believe that they are in love and assures them that sex is love and many teen girls have fallen for that trick only to get themselves heartbroken and devastated at the end.

80% of abortions today come from teen girls between the ages of 12 years to 21 years, young girls who have virtuous future ahead of them. The latest detail about this scenario is that 90% of teen girls are now lovers of money and always run after guys who can play with their emotions all because of money.

These young girls go to a larger extreme to get money, even to the point of losing one’s body and dignity.  Life, life, life, does it really worth a thing?

Losing dignity, honour, respect, virtuous, treasures and pride to an amount of nothing has damaged who we are. Day by day the world is getting worst, yet some say “this is the real life” I must gladly say I have personally seen what life is all about at my teenage age and my conclusion to what I have seen and heard is that life really is an epitome of beauty.

Yet, the world has made life full of darkness, filled up with ungodly happenings and fetish activities. I still think people who are dead are still better off, why? Think of it! Why stay alive and still feel the darkness in the world, I believe if evil should stop, then there is no reason why people should be complaining at all in life. In news you will read that a father rape his 10 years old daughter, a man of 30 years raped his 70 years old mother, one person committed suicide bomb and kill 700 people in the process. This is really atrocities being committed in the world and I believe we have the power to heal the world.

Life is nothing to write home about. Stay close to your heavenly father, pray and you will see, you will not only have a close relationship with God, but you will be able to pass through many tribulation of this world, so when the world comes to an end finally, you will put a smile on your face being fully assured you have done well in the previous life.

The only way to enjoy life in this deceitful world is to have a close relationship with God, who is the author and finisher of our faith. With God all things are possible, he is the only remedy to our impossible situations in life, no man born of a woman can save you from life threatening situations except God and so you have to have a close relationship with God.

Keep less friends, study hard to become academically successful, work harder to be financially successful and lastly maintain good morals, decency and modesty that distinguish you from the rest of the world.

I am a person who has grown to be a stupendous individual, who is shrewd to her ways. The secret many people don’t know about me is that I enjoy listening to good advice that comes from others. Not only are my fascinated in knowing new things, I am also a person that believes that at a tender age one should start experiencing what life has to offer. This way, an individual will be able to overcome life difficulties and become able to grow to know what life really is.

This enables an individual’s not to fall into problems as easily as they are growing up. Every step I make is for me to learn new things. Some say I like coming close to men, but what they don’t know is that things I do, is for me to learn from them, because everything a person does today has an impact tomorrow.

I have an example of a lady who lives in my compound, she goes by the name miss Chiwendu Madueke, I must start by commending her for her outstanding qualities both on the ones I have heard and seen. She is really a lovely lady, intelligent, nice, coupled with virtuous qualities.

I must say, I was greatly offended when this lady approached me and said, I like chasing after men. Withstanding the fact that I was offended, I can’t deny this amazing truth; “no one can know the real you, it’s only two persons who can, which yourself and God your creator.

She really thinks am starting to get bad influence on myself, but what she didn’t know is that when you follow a bad course in life and later discover there is no fruitful treasure that course has to offer, you then have to withdraw yourself. Every step I make is for me to discover what life really worth.

Nevertheless, I respect her as a person because she is older than me and surely wants my best interest at heart. She is really a good person.

I can stand confidently to say “I am an epitome of my name Albright”. I have seen things and I believe the only way to enjoy life is to be close to your God and your studies. There are many people looking up to me and with the course am embarking on I greatly believe that I would never fail them.

Today, many of those claims to be my friends set their minds on what the world call DATING (which happens to be a sexual relationship between a boy and a girl). Based on what I have seen and experience so far, dating for teens is not good at all especially if the parents of both parties doesn’t approve or support it.

I might primary say DATING should be for people who are planning to get married. You might ask why? Teens dating and sexual relationship today is accompanied with sex, it is inevitable, while sex is accompanied with premature and premarital pregnancy, abortion, serious infection e.g. HIV/AIDS, STI, STD etc.

I have many friends who are intelligent but engage themselves in teen’s relationship and this has caused them heartbreaks, emotional trauma and unwanted pregnancy. Some in the midst of trying to get rid of the pregnancy commit abortions; some loses their wombs while some die because of too much blood lost during the abortion.

Some girls have lost their pride, dignity; self esteem and decide to cultivate bad habit in their heart. However, as a teen we are likely to develop some sort of feelings, but we need self control to be able to handle those feelings because they are not long lasting. I am saying this based on personal experience. Many teens in this stage in life are confused in getting the real meaning between love and infatuations.

Love is a natural feeling experienced by two persons whose common goal is to live together forever, get married and creates a happy family while Infatuation is the situation whereby a person is filled with intense pleasure of an out body which vanishes because ones the pleasure is no longer there the love disappears. Weather changes and human beauty can vanish as time goes. That is why a teen can love a girl today tomorrow he will fall in love with another girl, that is not love, that is simply infatuation or love at first sight.

I am not saying that I am perfect and that I haven’t been in this kind detriment situation, but one should be able to learn from what is seen in our environment and should either decides if it should be followed or not. I think as a teen making friends with older people is very beneficial, as for me, it has helped me a lot

A wise person foresees danger and runs from it, while the stupid ones sees it and runs to it and at the end falls in a deep trouble that he will find very difficult to come out from.

Having a clear mind can make a person stand out amongst her peers. Always remember the saying; Good people bring you happiness, Bad people give u experience, worst people give you lesson and the best people bring you virtuous achievement.

God gave everyone of us with distinguished ability, talents and creativity. An ability to choose from either wrong or right, so it’s left for you to follow either the right path or the wrong path which leads to destruction and regrets.

Maintain a good moral standard with the accountability of bringing something out from the person you ought to become. Nevertheless, keep good company of friends whom you trust and can confide on and someone that can inculcate you on good morals and also set a goal you want for yourself in life. Have a mindset on something good and you will progress in it. Plan for your future, set goals you want to achieve in the next three years, believe in yourself, have a positive mindset, never give up in life, never listen to mockery, have a stubborn determination, have clear vision of where you are going and never look back.

Never become too friendly with people so you won’t be taken advantage of, move with people who are role models to you. Remember, your virginity is your pride, you can use any where you are, as for me that’s my greatest pride and dignity that makes me a role model for the teenagers. Even if you have lost yours due to rape and mistakes, remember that mistake can be made to change.

When a person falls and rises again, it only proves that the person wants to achieve greatness in his/her life and is not ready to give up in life.

Take this meditation to mind and always recite it anytime you fall and find it very difficult to get up back to your feet;

“I will rather stand tall, than live on my knees, because I am a conqueror and I won’t accept defeat, try telling me “NO” but one thing about me is “I AM A CONQUEROR”. Yes I have vision no one else sees, lots of dirty works may so be ready to roll on your sleeve, just be ready to fight to victory. You will never know where the road leads you, not everyone is going to believe you so even if you are wrong don’t prove them right”.

We all make mistakes, you might fall on your face but you got to get up to reach greater height.

I believe these motivational write-ups by this little girl have inspired you. You can know more about her on her Facebook page @NicoleSpearlLee.

I sincerely believe you have learnt a lot from this post, always remember that Life really worth a thing and as long as there is life; there is hope for the hopeless.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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