Lil Frosh Girlfriend Finally Speaks After Davido Terminated Lil Frosh Contract

Davido newly signed artist Lil Frosh girlfriend Gift Camille said that she dated the singer for over 10 months. She stated that Lil Frosh has been abusing her the whole time. The beautiful model noted that she continued the relationship because she thought that Lil Frosh would change in a matter of time.

Gift Camille, the girlfriend of Davido newly signed artist Lil Frosh has finally spoken out on the issue between her and the singer. Taking to her official Instagram page, she stated that she should have spoken earlier but she thought that her boyfriend would change his violent behavior in a matter of time.

According to her, they have been dating each other for over 10 months and he has been abusing her for that whole period of time. The young lady noted that the beating she received that got the attention of people on social media happened on Tuesday, 15th September 2020, noting that it led to internal bleeding in her head.

According to her words; “Lil Frosh and I have been dating for almost 10 months now and he has been abusing me physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first, I sincerely hoped he was going to change but he didn’t. It started with stripping me off my friends telling me who to talk to and who not to talk to.

It grew to him beating me each time we had an argument, he will beat me, smash my phone, destroy my ring light, pour me water even film me naked and threaten to post it online. He has done this right in front of @okikidft and it continued. This happened last 15th of September, 2020 which led to the internal bleeding in my head and confirmed by doctors.

My manager spoke on my behalf with my permission and he is not to be blamed for anything. He didn’t beg me to go and meet him no one did, not even my family, everyone advised me but I still did what I wanted hoping for change.”

Gift Camille also shared the details of what happened on the day that she was beaten to stupor.

Reacting to the news of his newly signed artist misbehaviour, Davido has decided to terminate his contract with Lil Frosh. In a press release made available on his official Instagram page, it was explained that the record label DMW did not see domestic violence as a trivial matter and that after some investigations, they had decided to end the recording contract with the fast rising rapper Lil Frosh.

According to Davido press release:


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