How Linda Ikeji Inspired Me [Inspiring Story]

I have never in my life felt that I could be somebody whom people will look up to in terms of inspiration and personal development. I never thought I was going to be a public speaker, a motivator and an inspiration to others. I happened to be a very shy person back days as a teenager until I enter into the university. I was very shy to the extent I find it very difficult to talk to ladies. Especially, ladies I love and have interest for.

I was really suffering from inferiority complex. I can still remember when my class teacher told me to address the whole class in her presence; I was shivering like someone who is feeling really cold. I found it difficult to address the class because all eyes were on me and I was wondering what to say not to disgrace myself. But today I found it very hard to believe I am now a new person and a great motivator, all thanks to Linda Ikeji.

Confidently, I can now talk to people anywhere I am, hold conference and seminar, and even address a large number of people. I can remember back days in the university, when I addressed more than 2,500 students in mass communication department with boldness, courage and confident. To the extent that many students were wondering how I gathered such courage.

I was believed to be the youngest student in my department, but out of the confidence I had, I came out single highhandedly and contested for Director of Social in my department, Mass Communication in Enugu State University of Science and Technology in 2011, all thanks to Linda Ikeji for her great words of inspiration. I must say I am really grateful to Linda Ikeji for inspiring me through her blog. I now do things I felt I wasn’t able to do, I relate with people I felt are superior to me and I am free to communicate with anyone anywhere without being nervous.

I stumbled on her blog Linda Ikeji Blog and after reading through her inspirational posts, I was filled with inspirations that changed who I am today. She is a great motivator and an inspiration to people especially the youth and teenagers. I stumbled into her blog Linda Ikeji Blog my first time on 24th April, 2010 and since then I have become one of her best and consistent reader. I derived great pleasure and a lot of inspiration from her blog.

I was really surprise when I heard she bought a house at Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos in 2015, at a whooping some of #800 million, almost $6 million, I was shock and speechless. I knew she merit it, because she has done a lot in attracting genuine readers in her blog and thereby building a blog empire for herself, which happens to be the greatest assets that pump money for her.

I learnt a lot about life, from her experience and story and today I am happy to say I have accomplished my dreams. I was a kind person that fears to do things on my own, I feel I am incapable and unworthy to do things which others are doing and progressing.

The major reason is because I was afraid I might fail if I eventually try. I joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) since 2007 and have attended different kind of auditions but no role was given to me. I was really humiliated and frustrated in the industry from movie producers and directors. Sometimes in audition venue after acting and performing very well, given the audience my best, I was always ejected out and denied role.

I started nurturing in my mind that I am incapable of being an actor. I started belittling myself, I started downgrading myself and finally lost hope of being a professional actor and this made me to quit acting in 2010, when I was finally duped by a greedy movie producer, director and fraudsters. I was duped because I was really desperate to become a celebrity actor.

It was really painful as no one was able to give me an opportunity to showcase my talent and skill in acting to the world. I became really frustrated and humiliated. But after reading through the inspirational write-ups by Linda Ikeji, I became inspired. I gained a lot of confidence and was really determine to prove to the world that I have talent and I must expose it to the world.

I decided to reposition my life. so instead of continuing in the path of an actor, I decided to learn movie editing and special effect. And within a year I learnt everything about movie editing and automatically became a professional movie editor.

I started editing movies for film producers and directors and was paid peanut for my hard work, sometimes I was paid nothing . So I went again for another research and discovered that being a movie producer will make me independent and self-made, I discovered that being a movie producer will help me, so I started researching and learning movie production skill,techniques, leadership quality, how to build a team and connections.

Eventually, I learnt everything about movie production within six months and started producing my own movies which I sell directly to DSTV, other television channels and Alaba Marketers in Lagos, Nigeria. I am also proud to say I have chosen the path of my role model “Linda Ikeji” I am now a successful Blogger and YouTuber.

And also, today I am proud to say I am a successful movie producer, director, actor and editor. All thanks to Linda Ikeji for her words of inspiration and motivation that has kept me growing stronger and able to endure through my hard times, difficulties and predicaments.

If you feel you have being neglected, people are not willing to give you chance to showcase your skill and talent, and you feel you have a burning talent which you want to expose to the world and discovered nobody is willing to help you with that, never lose hope, the road is not close yet, you can walk through the road to your success, all you need to do is discover your ambition. What do you want to be in future? You can develop yourself, build your own dreams and stay focus to what you love doing.

I will advise you to always stick to this blog and get inspiring and motivating stories, this blog will make you stay motivated and determine in your journey of success.

My experience and story inspired me to create this blog, to assist people who feel there are heading towards a wrong direction to have a U-turn and head straight to the right direction.

I believe you will be inspired as you read through this blog. Be consistent with this blog; never miss a day without visiting this blog. Just as Linda Ikeji has motivated and inspired me, I strongly believe this blog will motivate and inspire you.

Keep up with your good works, do your best and I promise you, the sky shall be your limit. May God bless you as you continue to visit this blog consistently in Jesus name, Amen.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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