How to Live a Happy Life [Inspiring Story]

There is one thing that everyone on this earth no matter his/her race, tribe or color wants in life and that is to live a happy life. Everybody wants to know the key to a happy life and how to live their life happy. You have arrived at the right place and at the right time, and in this post I am going to tell you what it takes to be happy in life. No matter the difficult or obstacles you face in life, you sincerely need to be happy, because happiness takes a lot of things away from our life.

Things like depression, stress, bad experience, disappointment, pain, anger, hatred, vengeance, etc that eat deep into our lives and have really put us in bad shape and destroyed most of our lives. Many people now find it really difficult to be happy because they feel their problems is bigger than them. I encourage you to relax and read through because I have gotten what it takes to make you live happily even in the midst of all this predicaments and obstacles.

Don’t deprive yourself of happiness, squeezing and frowning your face always will lead you to nowhere, people love and want to relate with a cheerful and smiling person.

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Nobody will want to relate with you when you frown and squeeze your face always. So no matter the problem you face in life always smile and allow God to take control of your situations. Life has no duplicate, we only have one life to live and it is best for you to live a fulfilled life filled with joy and happiness.

However, everybody has a mind and only few of us possess a deep understanding of the nature and functions of the mind. It is really difficult to distinguish virtuous minds from non-virtuous minds. A virtuous mind conceives ideas and knows how to handle situations. It is very necessary to understand our mind, because it is our mind that determines if we should be happy or be angry, our mind controls our heart, whatever the mind conceives, every other parts of our body follows up.

Happiness and suffering are states of mind, your mind decides whether to be happy or sad and so if we want to be free from suffering and enjoy true happiness we need to possess a true understanding of the mind and know how to control it. There is no other way that we can definitely improve the quality of our life, both now and in the future except by controlling our mind.

For instance if you are faced with emotional heart break, that is your boyfriend broke your heart and dump you for another girl or maybe you caught your girl friend on bed with another guy, you become emotionally heartbroken and depressed. To be sincere, it is your mind that is depressed and not you as a person, if you can control your mind at that critical condition that automatically means you have the key to a happy life, you have the key to set things right for yourself.

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Your mind controls your emotions, if you chose to allow your mind control you then you will always become depressed in life, you should learn to control your emotions, you don’t need a psychologist to do it for you, you have the power to do it yourself and if you are determined I promise you, whatever situation you find yourself in life will never allow your mind to be troubled, free your mind from hates and blames rather do things that will fill your heart with joy and happiness.

Suffering around the world has not decreased yet, many people are face with so much difficulty but yet life still goes on. Why do you need to feed your mind with regrets when you know you cannot change things that have already happened. You just have to let your mind be at ease if you really want to enjoy happiness. Money cannot make you happy, it is only you that can make yourself happy, and that is by controlling your mind and your emotions.

Currently, there are now greater problems and more unhappiness than ever before, so therefore, we can see clearly that the cause of happiness and the solution to our problems will never be found by increasing our knowledge or control of the external world. Our happiness can only take place when we are able to control our feelings and our mind. Happiness and suffering only exist within the mind and so their origins are not to be found outside the mind. If we want to find lasting happiness and freedom from suffering we must improve our understanding of the mind.

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Many people think with money there can find real happiness, but I am categorically stating that claim to be false, money does not bring real happiness, money only solve problems, happiness is a conscious thing that only you can produce. You decide whether to be happy or to be sad. If you doubt me, check around you will see rich and wealthy men very sad, there have all the money, power and influence yet there are unhappy. With this you will understand with me that money does not bring real happiness, rather happiness is the thing of the mind and your mindset determines whether you are happy or sad. So it is advisable to learn to control your mind so that you can feel happy always.

Take out time and attend shows, especially amusement show like a comedy show, night of thousand laughs, or any show that will make you feel enthusiastic and happy. Happiness makes us live longer and healthy, most of us doesn’t know that, but if you start doing things that really makes you happy, I promise you, you will live very long on this earth. Your heart and mind will be at ease, no pain will come your way, you will never nurture any hatred or vengeance in your mind, your mind will be free like birds and you will feel the greatest joy in life

When things don’t go our way or when we experience difficulties in life our normal reaction is to regard the situation itself as the problem, but in reality whatever problems we experience arise from within the mind. If we were to respond to life’s difficulties with a positive or peaceful mind they would not be problems for us. This is because heart and mind are the most powerful forces in our life and should be trade carefully.

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The mind controls the physical body and whatever the mind tells the body that is what it will do. Happiness is something that we must try to actualize, because if we encounter real happiness then there are no situations in life that can paralyze us. You must have positive mind on things you do because whatever you wish yourself is what you will get. So let us wish ourselves happiness, good health, long life and wealth.

Problems arise only if we react to difficult situations with a negative state of mind. Therefore, if we want to be free from problems we must gain control of our mind. Since we all have within us unlimited potential for peace and happiness, we may wonder why it is so hard to maintain a continually happy and peaceful mind. We are always unhappy because of the negative things that feel our mind and disturb our inner peace.

Anger, for instance is viewed as bad, but there is no such thing as bad person. It is only our anger and characters that makes us bad.

Since our mind is under the control of negative thought all the time, it is not surprising that we constantly experience stress, anxiety and confusion. It is as if we are continually chasing mirages, only to be disappointed when they do not fulfill our desires.

Happiness is the best medicine in life, and Laughter is undoubtedly the best antidote. It is when you are happy and free of all kinds of worries that you appreciate its worth. And begin to understand the meaning of true happiness. No other feeling can give you this kind of fulfillment except true happiness. Happiness is the best emotion one can experience.

No matter what your position is in the society or what you are aiming to achieve, all you seek is happiness! Your goals and aspirations ultimately lead to happiness. That is why Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher said that all men seek for only four things in life and that is happiness, good health, long life and wealth.

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True happiness opens up new doors for us, doors we didn’t know existed. It brightens our lives and adds hues to monotony; therefore happiness is the right way of life. It gives us reason to live while disappointments and bad incidences make us unhappy.

You should embrace and accept life as it comes. You must be willing to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Let the future speaks for itself and let bygone be bygone, when you forget the past, then that is only when you will encounter real happiness.

Always know that being happy makes you more efficient and productive. It will make you take on challenges with ease and overcome difficulties. Being happy makes you look more beautiful and keep you smiling. Being happy is one of the major reasons that contribute to a longer and a healthier life. When you are happy, you are devoid of stress. This in turn makes you live longer. Being happy enables you to build better relationships and also give you a sense of fulfillment. Being happy boosts your interests and gives you new ideas and ways to become developed, otherwise you will be stagnate. Finally being happy makes you stay healthier and enable you make others happy.

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It is very necessary for us to be happy no matter the predicaments we face in life. I encourage you all to be happy and enable this secret key to a happy life manifest itself into your life. Stay strong, be determined and remain focus in life. I which you all happiness in all your endeavor and I believe this post has inspired you a lot.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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