The Major Causes of Abandonment of Dreams in Life [Inspiring Story]

In life many people have abandoned their career and ambition in life due to one things or the other, so in this post I am going to reveal to you what leads to abandonment of a project, career or ambition in life. The key to success in life is never to give up, keep on pushing through, when the going gets tough the toughs get going, when you fail you simply try again and again, as long as you continue trying there is hope you will succeed, that is the only way you can achieve true success. So here is what leads to abandonment of dreams and aspirations.

Lack of a Clear Vision

Many people fail to understand what true vision is. Vision is metaphysical imagery we see about our future and hope to achieve them. The reason why many people abandon what they are pursuing in life is because they fail to realize what the outcome will be and most people are afraid of what the future may bring.

When you fail to look beyond today then you lack a clear vision. It is your vision that can help you to grow no matter the situation you find yourself.

Lack of Planning

When you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. Planning is the key to a successful business. Before you start any business, project or career in life, you must plan for it if you really want to succeed. Set up your daily activities and work towards it. You will only become a failure or abandon what you are doing when you fail to plan.

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Abandonment is a plague, whatever you start and never finish is cause by lack of good planning and a clear vision of where you are going. Abandoning projects leads to setback and regrets. You will regret the money spent, time wasted, energy wasted, the suffering you endured, etc.

When you quit, it is a total waste. You will always feel the pain, why not make the gain. It will be better you never started it at all instead of working half way and quit. When you abandon a project something is lost that cannot be recovered. Serious effort leads to success, you fail every time you seek advice from wrong people, you will become polluted and contaminated with their bad advice.

You must plan for your future so that your goals, ambitions, vision and dreams can be actualized. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Life is like a marathon race, many people are on a race in life, the starting point doesn’t matter, what matters is the end point, some people run and fall down and it is only the winners that are picked at the finishing or end point.

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Winners are never known at the beginning but at the end, so if you really want to get at the finishing or end point of your career you must plan for it. Lack of planning is the reason why people fail in their businesses and quit. Careful planning is the secret to business success.


Distraction is one of the elements that cause people to fail, when your mind is distracted from following your cause then you are bound to fail. Focus is very important and needed if you sincerely want to succeed. FOCUS simply means “Following One Course Until Successful”. You must never lose focus if you really want to succeed. A man without a vision is a man without a future. Your vision will help you concentrate your energy on your career and not to be distracted. A vision requires perseverance and persistence, stay focus and keep working hard no matter what. Work for 20 years vision (long term vision) and see what your future will become of. The more committed you are to your work the more successful you will become.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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